Additional Information is available from the Association Secretary
or the Adjutant
The following are lists of current known personnel
of Kingsley Kaserne at some time in it's long history of use by
the US Army and US Air Force as well as associated
German Military, and German and American civilians.
Known deceased members are listed on the Memorial pages
and those pages, unfortunately, are always being updated.
Current active members are listed on that page.

To update the status on any name below, contact the Adjutant.
All pages should be searchable on all platforms by using the <cntrl> F function
and typing in the desired name on that page.

Current Master List April 2018
April  2018

The list below is composed of Kingsley Kaserne personnel who are
either no longer active in the Reunion or their status or location is
unknown to the Board of Directors. This list does not include active
members or members, men and women, on our Memorial List.

Abbs        Herbert         
Absher        Roy L.        
Acevedo        Jorge J.        
Ackerman        Lou        
Acre        David L.        Ann
Acton        William R.        Suzy
Adams        Bruce E.        
Adams        Charles G.        
Adams        Lloyd        Inge
Adams        Peggy        
Adams                Almeta
Adams                Becky
Adams, Jr.        Raymond J.        
Adams, Jr.        William        
Adamson, Jr.        George T.        
Aden        James R. "Jim"        Anne
Agee        Ray        Juanita
Ahrens        Warren H.         
Akers                Martha
Albert        Walter        Nancy
Albright        Bob         Connie
Alcorn        Ken        Anita
Aldaz                Leah
Aldridge                Thelma
Alexander        Bobby R.        
Alexander        Joseph        
Alexander        Morris C.        
Allbritton                Monika Schmidt
Allen        Charles G.        
Allen        Jack        
Allen        Jesse        Linda
Allen        Joseph        
Allen        Robert P.        
Allen        Willie T.        
Allen, Jr.        Gordon R.        
Allen, Jr.        Kenneth        
Alley        Donald         Bonnie
Allgood        Tom        Rae
Alling        Thomas F.        
Allsup        Lynn R.        Carol
Almonroeder        William G.        Debbie
Alsup        Bobbie S.        
Altmeyer        John        Brigitte Wepner
Amadon        Ronald        
Amburn        Charles        
Ameling        Joe        Jean
Ames        Henry        
Ames        Tony        Dagmar Haupt
Amiel        Melvin A.        Janine
Amos        Rolland        Cindy
Amour        David M.        Gloria  
Anderson        Carl L.        
Anderson        Eugene C.        
Anderson        Gary        
Anderson        Harold L.        
Anderson        Norman        Joanne
Anderson        Paul M.        
Anderson        Richard A.        Ingeborg
Anderson        Thomas        
Andree        Roger        Cathy
Andrews        Silas M.        Cheryl
Angel        Arnie        Rose
Anglin        Donald L.        
Ankrim        Dr Phillip        Bonnie
Anthony        Thomas        Susan
Arceneaux        Jim        
Archipley        Thomas J.        Tina
Ard                James
Arel        Ron        Bonnie
Armenta        Ray        
Armstrong        John H.        
Armstrong                Charlotte
Arnett        Richard        Anna
Arnold        Billie        Pat
Arnold        Phil        Shelley
Arthur        Charles W.        
Ashe        William E.        
Askins        Sanue M.        
Atwater        Harold A.        
Aue        James        Dolores
Aughenbaugh        George S.        Mary
Aumack        Tom        
Aust        Hedwig        
Aust        John A.        
Austin        James M.        
Austra        Ron        
Autry                Namoni
Avery        Kenneth P.        
Azzara        Judy "Jutta" Kanet        
Babbitt        Harold F.        
Babcock        Charles        
Babcock        Elfriede        (Manseicher)
Bacon        Marion        
Bacon        William C. "Bill"        Bobbie
Badyna                Carolyn
Bailey        Arthur        
Bailey        Charley        Jo Ann
Bailey        Pete        Renate
Bailey        Richard  D.        
Bailey        Samuel L.        
Bair        Jim        
Baker        Donald R.        
Baker        Harold E.        
Baker        Jack        
Baker        John L.        
Baker        Lloyd  A.        
Baker        Thomas L.        
Baker        Wayne J.        Marsha
Bakken        Jerome        Del
Baldwin        Bill        Kitty
Baldwin        Lou        Abbie
Balk        Milton        
Ball        Cecil E.        
Ball        Richard A.        
Ball        Ronnie J.        
Ballew        Raymond        
Balliet        Edward F        Clara
Ballinger                Alice
Baltimore        Charlie        
Bardin        Dale E.        Linda
Barger        David        Roberta
Barnes        Clifford        Deloris
Barnes        Richard        Ginny
Barnett        John R.        
Barnett        William        Sandra
Barnett                Annie
Barney        Garry L.        Lori
Barrington        James E.        Laura
Barron                Carole
Barrons        Bernie        Monica
Barrow        Robert        
Barry        Peter        Audrey
Barry        Richard W.        Jean
Bart        James        Betty
Barthelmess        Bob        
Bartley, Jr.        Larry        
Barton        Elston        
Barton        Robert M.        
Barton        Thomas D.        
Basner        Richard        
Bass        Larry L G        
Bateman        Dennis M        Leona
Bates        Lee V        
Bates                 Renate Lang
Battaglino        Al        Sharon
Battreall        Ronald C        
Bauernfeind        Stan        
Beach        Gary E        
Beach, Jr.        James B        Sharon
Beahm        Ben        Amanda
Beal        Warren        Sieglinde
Beall        Bennie J        Kathy
Beals        Marvin L        
Beard        Charles A        
Beard        Jim        Sue
Bearden        Ronald        
Beasley        James        
Beaty        Gordon        
Beauregard        Jerry        Rita
Beavins        Jerry        Joy
Beck        David L        
Beck        Donald J        
Becker        Curt        
Becker                Gabriella
Bedell        Charlie        Gerda
Bee, Jr.        Dennis        LeAnn
Beier        Carl        
Belcher        William D        
Bell        George W        
Bell        Larry D        
Bell, Jr.        John T        
Bellah        Robert B        
Bello        Robert L        
Bender        Larry        Elisa
Benedetto        Pat        
Bennett        George         Clara
Bennett        Keith        Elizabeth Wlock
Bennett        Robert S.        Rita (Tischer)
Bennett        Wayne        Sandra
Bennett, Jr.        Roscoe        
Bentelow                Regina
Bentley        Larry D        
Berger        Joel E.        Gwen
Bergstrom        Dr. Eric        
Bergstrom        Theodore A        
Bernardo        Dominic        
Bernazzani        Jack        
Berthelson        Cleon        
Berube        Joseph A        Susan
Bey        Ted        Marlene
Bichler        Bruce R        
Bidus        Michael        
Billingslea                Traudi Dorr
Binder        Phil        Norma Jeam
Bishop        Annette        
Bishop        Edward Ellis        Cindy
Bittick        Dick        Ann
Black        Yvonne        
Blackburn        Raymond W        
Blackmon        Ernest        Victoria
Blackmon        William C. "Bill"         
Blackwell        Leon H        Kathleen
Blades        Barry         Judy
Blanchard        Robert W.        Teresa
Blankenship        Gisela (Stahl)        
Blee        Jim        
Blum        Jeffery W        Marjorie
Boardman        Bill        Sheena
Bodiker        Don        Christa Thums
Boedeker        Bill        
Boggs        Roy        Sally
Boghs        Noe        
Boisvert        Joseph R        
Boling                Helen
Bologna                Rose Marie
Bolton, Jr.        Peter E        
Bonham        Robert L        
Bonnell        William         
Bonner        Leon        
Booker        Alvin        
Booker        Nathaniel        
Boone        Lee R        
Boord        James L        
Bordelon        Edward        Rita
Borden        William        
Borscheid        Marlin        
Bosen        Philip        
Bougher        Dick        
Bouton        James H        Inez
Bowen        John        Anita
Bowers        Edward W        
Bowles        Darryl G        Donna
Bowles        Thomas R        
Bowling        Pleas "Stuart"        
Bowman        Stuart M        Mary
Boyd                Joan
Boyden        Raymond        Roswitha Gebaue
Boyer        Frederick E          
Bradfield        Dave        Irene
Bradley        Dale T        Sandra
Bradley        Harry J        
Brads, Jr.        Andy        Martha
Brady        Michael P        
Bramer        John        Diana
Brandon        James E        
Brasier        Jerry        
Braud        Kirby        Audrey
Brauer        William        Carol
Braun        Jeffery A        JoAnne
Brazeau        Jerry        
Breen                Rosanna
Breitegam        Paul        Helen
Breighner        Russel G.        Margaret
Bremer        Gus        Elva
Brett        Michael L.        
Brewer        Chester        Diane
Brewer                Earthlyn
Bridges        William T        Sylvia
Briggs        Bob        Thelma "Alice" (see Watkins)
Bright        Dale E        
Bright        John P        
Briney        Greg        
Briscoe        Bob        
Brisson                Judith
Brite        Dr Bill        
Britton        Joseph        
Brock        Charlie R        
Brock        Robert        Christa (Raichel)
Brock        William F        
Brodeur        Lucien        Sandra
Bronk        Raymond G. "Ray"        Marjorie W.
Brooks        Barry        
Brooks        Charles M        
Brooks        James R        
Brooks        Norman        Martha
Brose        John L        
Brossette        Ross        
Brouillette        Les        
Brown        Clayton R.        
Brown        David A        
Brown        David S        
Brown        Ernest R (Butch)        
Brown        Gary M        
Brown        Harold "Ben"        Kay Rueckel
Brown        Joseph C        
Brown        Kenneth        Kevin
Brown        Lloyd E.        Carol
Brown        Margie        
Brown        Michael R        Patti
Brown        Paul        Evelyn
Brown        Robert P        
Brown        Sam        Pat
Brown        Shearard D        
Brown        Thomas A        
Brown        Thomas L        
Brown        Tracy L        
Brown                UrsiSuess
Brown, Jr.        Norman G        
Brubaker        David A        
Bruce        Kevin R        Karen
Bruce        William J        
Bruhaug        Rhom        
Brunson        Dale        Gundi
Bryant        David        Joyce
Buchanan        Don        
Buchanan        George W.        
Buck        Ronald L        
Buckendahl        Gerald L        
Budge        Kenneth        
Budney        Dick        Nell
Buffington        Charles        Minnie
Bufford        Mike        Toy
Buggs        Alton        Carol
Bullis        Ormand F        
Bumgarner        John D        Karin
Bundy        Mike        Monika Beierlein
Bunge        Glenn L        
Bunzel        Ronald L.        Vicki
Buonantuono        John J.        Catherine
Buranovsky        Thomas        
Burch        Paul J        
Burch        Robert        Nyda
Burger        Stevens        Hannelore
Burgeson        Mina        
Burgess                Rosemarie Rohleder
Burke        Leonard J        
Burke        William G        
Burkett        Alvin F        Susan
Burkhartsmeier        Patrick B.        
Burks        George V        
Burleson        Steve        Karin Kaschulla
Burnett        Arnie        Nettie
Burns        Joe        Dee
Burr        Dennis        Anne Zimmerman
Buschur        Bill        Sandy
Bush        David A        
Butcher        Daniel R        
Butler        Ben        Le
Butler        Charles R        
Butler        Harues        
Butler        John W.        
Butler        Joseph E        Vivi-Ann
Buttell        Mike        Barbara Jean
Buzolich                Carola Feulner
Byrnes        Donald H        
Byrum        David        
Caffy        Charles        
Cage        Wilbert        
Calihan        Larry        
Calisti        Hilde        (Pecher)
Call        Richard        Misako
Calloway        Billy J        
Calloway        John P        
Camden        Bob        Helga
Cameron        Robert F        
Campbell        Karin (Kittel)        Richard E. "Dick"
Campbell        Theodore        
Campbell        Thomas        
Campbell        Tom        
Campbell                Trudy
Campfield        Walt  Hank        
Canada        James D        Deborah
Cansler        Stanley O        
Cantrell                Sharon
Cantwell        Charles J        
Capes        James        Erika
Capps        Bernie        Amanda
Capps        William F.           
Capps-Newman        Peg        
Capraro        Al        Marlene
Carchia        Ed        Ethel
Carethers        Joseph A        
Carey        Andrew J        
Carlson        David        
Carlson        Theo. J        
Carlton        Robert K        
Carman        Donald        
Carmichael        Gordon "Hoagy"        Friscilla
Carney        Bernard T        
Carney        Herb "Buzz"        Aggie
Carpenter        Thomas        
Carr        Phillip J        
Carr        Thomas G        
Carrasco        Carlos        Rosemary
Carrico        Philip        Kathryn
Carrigam        Chester E        Denise
Carroll        Douglas G        
Carter        Donald B        
Carter        Kenneth L        
Carter        Kenneth M        
Carter        Ralph E        
Carter        Richard L        
Cartier        Lenis        
Cartright        Harold H        
Carver         Charles        Elisabeth
Casale        Joe        Donna
Casey        Edward        
Cash        Jerry        
Cash        Ken        
Caskie        Bruce        Fay
Casper        John O        
Cassidy        Jack        
Cassis        Rich        Jeana
Casteel        Ollie        Sue
Castellanos        Lynn        
Cathers        Charles        
Caufield                Dorrit
Chague        Eugene R. "Gene"        Jan
Chamberlain        Doug        
Chambers        Robert L        
Champeau        Anthony        Y0ng
Champine        Nelson T        Denise
Chance        Roy J        
Chaney        John        Mozelle
Chapman        John        
Charbonneau        Darrel        Peggy
Charney        Andrew J        
Chartier        George        
Chase        Ed        Lawanna
Chase        Robert W        
Chausse                Mildred
Chiapusio        Darrel "Chip"        Ruby
Ching        Rick        Mi Suk "Sue"
Chism        Michael         Charlene
Christensen        Roger L        
Ciesielski        Joseph T        
Clanton        Cecil        Mildred
Clapp        Jay R        
Clardy        Joyce        
Clardy        Reginald G          
Clark        Barbara        
Clark        Frank M        
Clark        Gudrun        
Clark        James        
Clark        Robert G        
Clark        Robert L        
Clark        Theodis        KarolaSpindler
Clark        Walter L        
Clausen        Hank        Cassy
Clawson        Joe        
Claxon        James P        Unk
Clay        Richard J.        
Clayton        Gary E        
Clements        Jim        Marjorie
Clifton        John        
Cline        Curtis E         
Cline        Joseph        
Cline        Robert L        Ilse
Close        Robert W        
Clouse        Lee A        
Cobb        Hilton        
Coccio        Alan N        
Cochrun         Roy        Bert Ann
Cody        John M        
Coker        Stanley D        
Cole        Richard        Esther
Cole        Thomas C        Georgia
Cole        Victor A        Paula
Coleman        Billy G        
Coleman        Jerry R.        Elizabeth
Coleman        Paul C        
Coller        Carl V        
Collier        Wayne N        
Collins        Robert        Beverly
Collins        Ted        
Collins        Traudi Zahn        
Collins                Marietta Hense
Collucci        Thomas        Alba Rose
Common        Leigh        
Compton        James C        
Cone        Joseph R        
Connell        Joe        Joyce
Conner        Billy G        Ardelle
Connors        Dennis        Betty
Connors        Ronald        Tifphyne
Conole        John W        
Conti        Richard        Joan
Cook        Jerry G        
Cook        Jesse        Joyce
Cook        Phillip H        
Cook        Robert W.        Cindy
Cook        Steven        Monika
Cooksey        Wayne N        
Cooley        Olin K        
Coombes        Ronald L        
Coombs        Charles R        
Coone        Randall        
Cooney        Carolyn        
Coons        George L        Linda
Cooper        Gary        Pam
Corbin        Lovellette        
Corkran, III                Charlotte
Corkum        Carl E        Bea "Louise"
Cornelison        Sally Mar        Bert
Cothern        John        Gail
Cottingham        Irene        
Coty        William J        
Counts        Ullysses        
Coursey                Irmgard (Wolfrum)
Coviello        Frank        
Covington        AL        Margaret
Cowan        Denny D.        Jan
Cox        Thomas        
Cox                Charlene
Cox, Jr.        Kermit  L        Nancy
Cox, Jr.        Robert D        
Coyle        Richard "Jim"        Susan
Crabill        Jerry        Val
Crabtree        Robert O        
Crafa        Barry L        
Creekmore                Rebecca M.
Cregar        Ray        
Crews        Robert C        
Crick        Rolla  J        
Crisman        Harry        Bertha
Critchley        JC        Rosie Badura
Cromer        C.T.        
Crooks        George        Betty
Crookshank        Robert        Patricia
Crosby        Craig        
Crosby        Lonnie E        Loreen
Cross        Allen        
Cross, Jr.        John W.        
Crosson        Robert E        
Crouch        Roger        Tony
Crowe        Robert         Beatrice
Cruft        Steve Edgar        Elke
Cruise        Robert        Donna
Cruz        Manuel        
Cucchiorini Jr        Louis        
Culkin        Henry D (D(        
Culler        Donald        Jane
Culver        Eric        
Culver        Harry A        
Cummings        Donald P        
Cunningham        Bill        
Cunningham        Richard "Dick"        Kaye
Cunningham                Maria
Curry        Dale        
Curtis        Auby D.        Regina
Curtis        Ernest        Joyce
Custer        Robert W        Louisa
Cutler         Bill        Mary
Cyncynatus        Jerry        Diane
Daggett        Rolla  E        Anne Louise
Dahlhamer        Robert         Judy
Daily        Aaron D        Roxie
Dain        William J        
Daley        Timothy J        
Dalton        William R        
Daney        Earl        
Daniels, Jr.                Linda
Danielson        Neale C        
Dannells        Bruce        
Daquioag        Lawrence        Barbara
Darien, Jr.        Art        Janie
Darling        Art        Sue
Darr        Will        Margaret
Darrah        Randy        Joyce
Darrell        Jack L J        
Dart        Steven R        
Daspit        Leo        
Daub        Arthur D        
Davenport        Joe        Nina
Davidson        Nick  O        
Davidson        Stephen M        
Davis        Charles        Roberta "Bobbie"
Davis        Darrel F        Ruby
Davis        James V.        
Davis        Kenneth D        
Davis        Laverne C        
Davis        Rich        Johanna
Davis        William G        
Davis Jr        William H        
Davis, Jr.        Harold M        Pat
Dawson        Fred        
Day        Huey F        
Day        Pete        Carmen
Dayhoff        George        
Dean        Johnny R        Sandy
Dean                Linda
Deane        John        
Debord        Fred E        
Decker        Gerald D. "Jerry"        Ellen (Hansigk)
Deere        Bruce F        Linda Carole
Degaynor        Scott        Maxine
Degenhart        Stephen Michael        Pat
Delpierre        Richard        
Deluca        Jodi        
Demartino        Frank        
Demello        Duane        
DeMerritt        John        
Dempsey        Garrett E        Catherine
Dempsey        Jack H        
Denham        Jack        Joyce
Denny        Roger        Sieglinde
Deppe        Dale        Doris
Derringer        Joseph  Joe        Carolyn
Des Rosiers        Robert        
DeSpain        Robert L        
Deteen        Frank        Friend Fred
Devaney        John P        
Deviley        Wayne H        Chong
Devine        ChristaFrank        John
DeWey        David A        Mickey
DeWoody                Sandra Lee (Sandy)
Dews        Rees        Susan
Dexter        Richard        
DiCintio                Katherine "Kathy"
Dickson        David        Karen
Dickson        Martha A. (Wolfrum)        
Dickson        Robert A        
Didion        Richard R        
Digby        Thomas E        
Dignard        Len        Connie
Dill        Bob        Jerilynn
Dillon        Dennis D        Claire
DiMarco        Louis        Ann
D'Italia        Russel        
Dix        Robert         Peggy
Dixon        Anni (Kiesling)        Richard Pappaceno
Dixon        Harry        
Dixon        James        Irene
Dixon        Rally        Brenda
Dlugos        William T        Marilyn
Dobbins        Miles        Sharon
Dobek        John        
Dobrowolski        Ken        Pat
Dobson        James        Ruby
Dock        Richard A        
Dodge        Earl        
Dodge        Richard E        
Dodson        Alan W        Brenda
Doepp                Susan
Dolan        Thomas        Ruth
Domino                Agnes
Donley        Blair K        Mary
Donohue        William F        
Doody        Roland Joseph        Donna
Doom        Gerlinde        Tony
Dorland        Robert        
Dorsey        William L        
Dossey        Larry C        Susan
Dotson        Darrell Dean        
Doty        Jerry        Lynnetta A
Dougherty        Michael J        
Doughty        Robert C        
Douglas        Rachon a        
Douthit        Rick        Sonja Haevztel
Doyle        Phillip Ray        
Dozier        Horace L        
Drake        Carl        
Drake        Hanni Jost        
Draper        Max        Gerti Goller
Driscoll        Thomas        
Driskell        Kerry        Christa Raithel
Driver        Robert C        Joyce
Drozdowski        Richard A M        
Drumm                Gayle
Dubin        David        
Dubin                Brigitte Bednarz
Dubois        Joseph R        
Dubose        Baylor L.        Gloria
Dudding        Robert W.        Katharina M.
Dudley        Darius D        
Dudley                Verena A. (Hollen)
Duerbig        Alfred        Sharon
Duezabou        John        Patti
Dufek                Peggy
Duff        Bill        Tara
Duff        David        
Duffer        Sidney        Isabel
Duffy        Thomas S        
Duke        Kenneth R        
Dunbar        Richard E        Beverly
Dunbar        Wayne M.        
Dunigan        Maurice        Karen
Dunn        W Malcolm        
Duran        John C        
Durdin        Roger        Edie
Durling        Lowell D        
Durr, Jr.        Ranson S        
Durre        Rod        
Duval        Ronald T        
Easley        S.P.        
Eaton        Harold E        
Eberhardt        Suzanne        
Eberstadt        Charlotte        
Eccles        James        Mary
Edborg        Kenneth F.        Dorene
Edmonds        Walter E        Bette
Edwards        Donald R        
Edwards        John I        
Edwards        Ronald G        
Eggers        Irving L        Bonnie
Eggleston                Jenny
Eitreim        John C.        Annerose
Eldridge        Jim        Wanda
Elledge                Mindy
Eller        Jerry M        
Ellering        Frank        Judy
Elliott        Everett G        
Elliott        Waldtraud        
Ellis        Jeffery A        
Ellis        Robert L        
Elste        Richard        Ulla
Elsworth        Robert        
Elward, Jr.        Thomas J        Nancy
Ely        John W        
Embry        Sam        Joan
Emery        Archie        Brenda
Emery        Erland        
Emmons        George        Ann
Enis        Jerome        
Epperson                Silvina
Erdely        George        Elsie
Erland        Harold          Carol
Erpelding        Dr Richard        Donna
Erskine        Tom        Lois
Erving        Claude M        
Escamilha        Rodolfo        
Eskew                Helga Rose (Moeckel)
Espinoza        Rudolph        
Esten        Dick        Ann
Evans        Billy        Betty
Evans        David H        
Evans        David L        
Evans        George        
Evans        James L        
Evans        Kelvin E        
Evans        Warren        
Evans, Jr.        James C        
Eveland        Darius R        
Everett        Joseph A        
Everhart        Arthur "Art"        
Ewing        Harry R        
Faber        Paul M        
Fabich        Dave        Mary Ann
Faerber        Kurt        
Falck        William A.        
Fancher, III        William B        
Fanduzz        Joseph S        
Fann        James         Loretta
Farmer        Walter        Sadie
Farrell        Jack        Peggy
Faucett        James M        
Faulkner        Mostyn L        
Fausto        Labron        
Fazzini        Bob        Cleo
Featherston        Joseph P. "Joe"        Dean
Feike        Larry        Charlotte
Felts        George        Yvonne
Ferguson        Normon G        
Ferguson        Paul A.O.        Mary Lee
Fernandez        Bob        Mary Margaret
Fernandez, Jr.        Bob         Teri
Ferreira        John        Monika Kugler
Ferreira        Stu        Ingrid
Ferris        John E        
Fetrow        Nate        Gwen
Fetzko        George J        
Fewell        Roy Jerome        
Fewell        Suzanne        
Fields                Novella "Toot"
Figurski        Randy        Bonnie
Fillmore        Russel        Florence
Finch                Jean
Fish        Thomas        
Fisher        Larry L        
Fisher        Patrick A        
Fitzgerald        Joe        Brigitte (Leithmann)
Fitzpatrick        Ronald P. "Ron"        Sue
Flahavin        David E        
Flaherty        Neil J.        Mary
Flaten        Mike        Sandy
Fleischhauer        William L        Erna
Flowers        Jimmy A        
Flowers        Rudolph        
Floyd        Raymon D        
Floyd        Richard D        
Flynn        Leonard J        
Foellmi        Brigitte (Lindner)        Dave
Foley        Joseph M        Mary T
Folkedahl        Dennis M        
Fontes        John        Bertha H.
Forbes        Aaron        
Forbes        Charles C        
Ford Jr.        Bill        Mary
Foreman        John        
Foreman        Michael R.        Delaine
Forgione        Mario        Renate (Müeller)
Forsythe        Gene        
Forsythe        Lew        
Forsythe                Lavern
Foss        Thomas         Rita
Foster        Dale O        Esperanza
Foster        Donald        
Foster        Jackie D.        Judith
Fox        Leslie R        
Foy        Richard        
Franklin        Lewis T        
Franklin        Richard L        
Frantz        Tom        Pam
Franz        Dennis L        
Frazier        Wayne        
Frazier, Jr.        Hugh L        
Frederickson        Mary        
Fredrickson        Steven E        
Freeman        George C.J.        Alice
Freese        Thomas  L        
French        Chancel T        
French        Jerry        Betty
Fritzinger        Frank        Erika Zeitler
Frolik        Ingrid (Schwibs)        
Frustace        John        Monica
Fry        John        
Fuller        Bruce        Wendy
Fuller                Sigrid Ridel
Fullerton        Charles        Janet  Elaine
Fullerton        Pete        Judi
Fulmer        Frank        
Fulton        Francis P        
Furr        James F        
Fuson        David        
Fustos        Delbert        Winnie
Gail        Robert R        Edee
Gaither        Jack L        
Galgerud        Dwaine        Linda
Galindo        William        
Gallahar, Jr.        Robert        
Gallant,Jr.        Frederick J        Dolores
Gallegos        Eligio        
Gallik        Jacob J        
Gallops        Glenn        Herlinde Dobeneck
Galvin        Walter        Cindy
Gandara        Fred        Stella
Gangelhoff        Gerald M        
Garcia        Thomas        Kathy
Garner        Clifford        Virginia Schwoch
Garner                Dorothy Johnson
Garrett        John R        
Garrigus        Jeptha Earl (Gus)        
Garrison        Donald P         Sharon
Gash        Randy        Penny
Gaston        Rich         Hilda
Gauthier        John        June
Geiger        William Carl        Jane
Gemeinhardt        James L        Dianne
Genung        Paul         
George        Donald S        
George        John D        
Gerard        Joseph A        
Geremia        Christi        
Gerteis        Jim        Terry
Gerzmehle        Dave        Shirley
Gholston        Homer        
Giachino        Bernie "Spike"        Helma Soellner
Gibbs        Francis S        
Gibbs        Milton        Virginia
Gibbs        Steven L        
Gibki        Tadeusz        
Gibson        Daniel        Groovey
Gibson        Lloyd        Rita
Gibson        Vernon E        
Giddings                Sharon
Gieben        Doug        Brigitte (Haiduoql)
Gilbert        Royce        Janice
Giles        Jerry        
Gill        Daniel P        
Gillease        Thomas J        Mary Lou
Gillespie        Thomas E        
Gilliam                Jean
Gillis        Paul C        
Gilmartin        Greg        Pat
Girton        Ray        
Gist        John        
Gladis        William T.        Mary Alice
Gladney        Jerome        Casandra
Glaske        Richard        Irene
Glover                Joan
Godard, MD         Dr John        Mildred
Godin        Ronald E        Karen
Goding                Kathleen
Goff        John P        
Goff                Norma
Goins        James G        Barbara
Goldman        Jerry        Sherry
Golino        Ronald E        Bonny
Goller        Annemarie        
Gollwitzer        DR Fred        
Gonzales        Joseph G        
Gonzales        Locario Jr        
Gonzales        Nicholas        Ann
Gonzales-Rosa        Theodore        
Good        Kenneth W        Shirley
Goodman        Albert G        Linda
Goodson        Edward P.        
Goodweather        Melvin        Arlyne
Goodwin        Peter        Maxine
Gordon        Bruce        
Gore        Stephen E.        Janet
Gorey        William         Fay
Gossen        Dennis R        
Gotschall Jr        Skip         Janalyn
Gottschalch        Manfred E.        June Howard
Grabill        Jerry        Val
Graham        Daniel F.        Pam
Graham        George R.        Jean
Graham        John Kent        Lyn
Graham        Robert        Gunda
Grange        Joe        
Grant        Melvin D        
Grant        Robert J.        
Grantham                Sandra Kay
Grass         Ray        
Grasser                Carmen (Gruenhölz)
Gray        Gary W.        
Grayson        Jimmy D        
Greager        Robert E        Lois
Greaver        Robert M        
Green        James         
Green        Joe L        
Green        Thomas G        
Green        Walter C        
Green                Marcine
Greenaway        Richard D        Jeanette
Greene        Michael O        
Greene                Barbara N. (Bobby)
Greene                Marilyn Lynn
Greene                Reva
Greenleaf                Helga
Greenwood        Gerald T        
Gregg        Larry L        
Gregor        James        
Gregory        Samuel A        
Greis        Leo Raymond        Laurel
Grieve        Tim        
Griffin        John        Christine
Griffin        Joseph M        
Griggs        John        June
Griggs        Robert W        
Grill        Walter K        Lois
Griswold        Donald N        Lore Suess-Pelz
Groff        Kathryn        
Gross        Jan        
Gross        Jan        
Gross        Max L        Nasrine
Grossman        Carroll        
Groves        Daryl        
Gruber        Ernie        Gerry
Grubidge        Dan        Annie Simon
Guenigsman        Bill        
Guirleo                Kay A
Gundell        James Walter (Jim)         Brenda Jean
Gundy        Joseph        
Gunther        Norman        Sande
Gupton        George M.        Liz
Gurley        Hank        
Guthrie        Andy        
Guthrie        Dee        
Guthrie        John L        
Haas        Jerry        
Habern        Dennis        
Hackney        Richard        Sandy
Haddon        Bob        Barb
Hagans                Gerda
Hagler        Charles E        
Hagler        Winston        Ann
Hahn        Gene        
Haiber        Rich        Evelyn
Hakin        Andre        
Hale        Marvin        Margit (Schmid)
Haley                Bobbi
Hall        Donald E        Dorothy
Hall        Edward G        
Hall        Frederick K.        
Hall        Howard        Anni
Hall        Robert B        
Halladay        David J        
Hallet        Gary        
Halloran                Jean
Halmon        John Eugene        
Halsey        Barry        
Halton        Steve        
Halvorson        Warren        Elaine
Hamelin        Norman J        
Hames        Troy        Joy
Hamilton        John        
Hamlin        Charles B        
Hamlin        Ward "Mitch"        Helene
Hammack                Elsie
Hampton        William J        
Hamrick        Charles        Virginia
Hancock, Jr.        William C        
Haney        Dr Ronald E        
Hanley        John J        
Hansen        Bruce A        Tanya
Hansen        Ernest R        
Hansing        William A        
Harasimowicz        John        Judy
Harball        Paul        Betty
Hardee        Johnie RJ        SS437
Harden        Vernon C        Sharon
Hardin                Ann Mae
Harding        John H        
Hardman        Don R        
Hardsocg        Martin L        Shirley
Hare        James I        
Harmon        John L        
Harmon        William B        
Harnden        Cathy        
Harpold        Robert E        Sandra
Harris        Charles        Robbie
Harris        Commodore S.        Barbara
Harris        David T        Pat
Harris        Donald H        
Harris        Jeffrey Bruce        
Harris        Philip K        
Harris        Samuel         
Harris        Sophia        
Harrison        David        
Harrison        Gaylan         
Harrison        James M        
Harriston        Samuel P        
Hart        Colin        
Hart        James E        
Hart        Larry        Gena
Hart        Terry        
Hart        William A        Ann
Hartfiel        Bud        Judy
Hartjes        Jerome        
Hartness                Inge
Hartranft        Robert S        Gail
Harvey        Eugene        
Harvey, Jr.        Osby W        Brenda
Harvill        Shirley        
Haselden        James W        Pamela
Hass        Paul H        
Hata        Masanobu        
Hatcher        Dale E        
Hatcher        Howard        Marianna
Hatcher        Thomas W        
Hates        Lewis P        
Haug        LawrenceA        
Hauser        Howard E        
Hawkins        Albert        
Hawkins        Fred        
Hawkins        Tom        
Hawkins        William F        
Hawley        Gene        Rosemary
Hayes        Curt        Drew
Hayes        Jack        Karen   
Hayes        John W.        MSg
Hayes        Lewis        
Hays        Richard J        
Head                Barbel
Headid        Ronald J        Margaret
Hearn        Gary         Linda
Heater        John R        
Heath        Albert        Carol
Heath        Gary        Jennettie
Heath        Roy L        
Heath        Stan        Pat
Heather        Tom        Cynthia
Hedges        Wesley L        Gloria
Hedstrom        Terrance L. "Terry"        
Hegwood        Johnie        
Heim        Rudi        Sally
Heim                Hannelore
Helfer        Jim        Delia Rose
Helfert        Mike        Kathleen (Eisenbeis)
Heller        Jackie S        Regina
Helseth        George        Konnie (Kleeneier)
Hemann        Ed        Janie
Henderson        Allen P.        Linda
Henderson                 Marian
Hendricks        Charles A        
Hendricks        Edward L        
Henkes        Lee Roy        
Hennessey        Tom        Beth-Ann
Henneuse                Inge Kaennhaus
Henry        Delbert        Sun
Henry        George        
Hensley        Paul J. (Jerry)        Penelope "Penny"
Henson        Robert K        
Henson        William H        
Hepler                Dianne
Hermanson        Dean        
Herpich        R Fewell        Hanelore
Herrera        Michael        
Herriman        Ira        Joyce
Herring        Adolf        
Herring        Dallas        Betty
Herzog        Bob        Pat
Hess        Garry        Pat
Hessler        Robert A        
Hiatt        James E        
Hibbard        Barry R        Carmen
Hibel        Bruce L        Fe
Hicks        Bob        Linda
Higgins        William        
Hilbert        Raymond        
Hild        Wilton        
Hill        Daniel W        
Hill        Jesse        
Hill        Michelle        
Hill        Nancy        
Hill        Phillip D        
Hill        RaymondD        
Hill        Richard B.        
Hilzley        Larry        Joan
Hinds        William H        
Hinely        Garry        Rachel
Hines        Bruce K        
Hinsey        Calvin J.        
Hinsey        Patrick        
Hirner        Patrick        Bunny
Hirsch        Milton J        Doris
Hoch        Michael        Gisela
Hochberger        Ada        
Hodge        James E        
Hodge        Joe        Mary
Hodgkinson        Bob        Linda
Hodgson        Thomas        Carolyn
Hoech        George W        Kay
Hoff        Lew        Hanna
Hoff        Michael G        
Hoffard        Frank        
Hoffer        George R        
Hoffman        Melvin        
Hoffman        William L        
Hogan        Jerome K        
Hogan        Richard F        
Hogan, Jr.        James A        
Hogg        Paul S        
Hohn        Duane        Vivian
Holbrook        Rich        Karin
Holderfield        Kenneth R.        Deborah L.
Holecek        Audrey        
Holeman        Clyde L        Sharon
Holland        Don W        
Hollier        Jim        Lois
Hollis        Raymond        
Holloway        Mary        
Holm        Eric R        
Holmes        Charles M        
Holmes        J.E.        
Holmes        Thomas C        
Holmgren        Erika Raithel        S & Tanya Mullen
Holt        Ronald E        
Hone        Bob        
Hooks        Danny        
Hopkins        Donald        Gisela
Hopper        Bennie        Sophye
Horaszewski        Richard        Helga
Horsman, Jr.        Tom "Maurice"        Paulette
Horton        Joe        Marsha
Horton        Jonathan D.        
Hosier        Richard J        
Hosier        Thomas        Kim
Houck        Bill        Elfe Krauss
House        Jack C        Diane
Householder        Clifford        Jewette
Houston, Jr.        Ulysses        
Howard        Harold E        
Howard, Jr.        Henry        
Howe        John M        
Howell        George        
Howell        Richard L        
Howell        William A. "Bill"        Marie
Hoy        Arthur E        Bonnie
Hoyle        Art "Ott"        Phyldean
Hoyt        Marlin K        
Hoyt        Martin        
Huckaby                Beverly
Hudson        William S        
Huffer        Calvin        
Huffman        Homer D        
Hughes        James Jr        
Hughes        Larry        
Hughes        Phil        
Hughes        Thomas        Jan
Hunter        Clyde Jr        
Hurley        H. F.  
Hurliman        Richard        Beverly
Hurst        Harold H        
Hutchings        Morris L        Ellen
Hutchinson        Archie Jr        
Hutchinson        Glen        Michelle Ruggeri
Hutchinson        William P        
Huzak        Jay D        
Hyatt                Monika Windler
Hyde        John H        
Imboden        Ned        Barbara (Hohmann)
Impellizzeri        John J        Dianne
Ingalls        Davis M        
Irelan        John        Jeanine
Ireland                Thelma
Iseminger        Phil        Donna
Iwaniszek        Steve        
Jablonski        John S        
Jack        John        
Jackson        Charles A.         Tesa Molyneyx
Jackson        Dale E        
Jackson        Fred D.        
Jackson        Joseph F        
Jackson        Walter E        
Jackson        William A.        
Jacob        John        Carole
Jacobs        Stephen R        
Jahn        Marga Krug        
Jahnke        Roland        Margaret
James        Evan        
James        Frankie A        
James        Leroy M        
James        Michael R        Dorothy
Janik                Vicky
Jarman        Linwood L.        
Jarrett                Matilde
Jaspers        Don        
Jass                Elfriede Werner
Jenkins        Bob        Maxine
Jennings        Linden D        
Jensen        James A        
Jewell        Wallace        
Jirinec        Joe G.        Janie
Jochumsen        Charles E        
Johnson        Carl  W        
Johnson        Dave         Kay
Johnson        David        Jeannette
Johnson        Edwin         Marilyn-Crow
Johnson        Howard A         Renate   
Johnson        Jack M        
Johnson        Jimmy N.        
Johnson        John        Ellen
Johnson        Karl R        
Johnson        Larry        Hannelore
Johnson        Loren        Sandra
Johnson        Michael R        
Johnson        Norman D.        
Johnson        Richard A.        
Johnson        Richard D. "Dick"        
Johnson        Richard L        
Johnson        Thomas L.        
Johnston        William R        Rose Marie
Jones        Andrew L        
Jones        Bernard L        
Jones        Edwin H        
Jones        Ernest C        
Jones        Eugene E        
Jones        Frank        Annerose
Jones        Gary        Rebecca
Jones        Harold D        Alyne
Jones        Harry         Virginia
Jones        Henry        
Jones        James N        
Jones        Kenneth R.        
Jones        Larry J        
Jones        Lester G        
Jones        Michael L        
Jones        Paul        
Jones        Richard        
Jones        Robbie N        
Jones        Robert M        Floria
Jones        Robert W        
Jones        Ronald L        
Jones        Roy        
Jones        William R        
Jones                Jean
Jones, Jr.        Ralph M        
Jones, Jr.        Willie         
Jordan                Evi
Jordan                Nancy
Jorgensen        Anthony G        
Jorgenson        Thomas L        Barbara
Jost        Stephen E        
Julian        Ralph A.        Renee
Jumper        Stuart        Martha
June                Mary Ellen
Kaempf        Herbert        Barbara Schlaeger
Kaplan        Gordon        
Kapsh        Martin        Lois
Karns                Mary
Kaske        Lawrence        
Kay        Lee        
Kea         Joe        Bunny
Kearney                Nenita
Keeter        Aubrey        Judy
Keimling        Roland        Siege Hildner
Keleman        Kenneth S.        
Kelin        Daniel A.        
Kellar        Robert Gordon (Bob)        Kathy
Kellem                Mary
Keller        Ralph Rev.        Jean
Kelley III        Kenneth "Ken"        Hannelore
Kelly        Loren E        Margaret
Kelly        Patrick W        
Kelly        Richard        Inge (Lenz)
Kelly        William B        
Kelly                Mary
Kelso        William        
Kemp                Frances
Kendrick        Charles        
Kennedy        Otha        Nelda
Kepler        George        Diane
Keppel        Charlie        
Kercher                JoAn
Kernan        Paul        
Kerns        Forrest        Phyllis
Kerr        Frank B        
Kertz        Mark   A        
Kessler        Dolores        
Key        Robert T        
Keyes        John H        Erika Feghelm
Kezar        James        
Kidd        Norman        Marlene
Kierman        Richard W. (Dick)        Joan   
Kiesel        Paul J        Simone
Kieselbach        Richard P        
Killiany        John        Patricia
Kimshel        Carol        
Kinder, Jr.        George W        
Kindle, Jr.        Richard        
King        Donald E        
King        John Kimball (Jack)        Barbara
King        Mitchell        
King                Francis
Kinney, Jr.        Fred H         
Kirk        John W        
Kirkham        Ed        
Kirn III        Lawrence        
Kitchen        Gary        Neva
Klapper        Gene Stanley        
Klapper        Paul        Nancy
Klein        Allan E        
Kliesen        J.E.        
Kline        William        Elfriede
Kloepfer        Daniel W        
Kmetko        Ted        Else Bachman
Knight        Paul D        
Knizner        David        
Knopes        Harold "Harry"        Alma (Schaller)
Knopp                Judy
Knowles                Mary Florene
Knowlton        Ken        Nicki
Knuth        John        
Koch        Raymond        
Koch        Stuart        
Koley        Ronald G        
Komp        Martha        
Kopec        Ronald J        
Kopecky        Cyril C.        
Kormanicki        Michael        Jacqueline
Kraft        Melvin C.        
Kramer        Harry K.        
Krastel        Joe        
Kraus        Tom        Huicha
Kreklow        Douglas        
Krembs                Joan
Krieg        Lewis        Susan
Krinning                Lue
Krohn        Richard H.        
Krosnicki        Robert        
Krouth        Harold W.        
Krug        John A. "Jack"        Diana
Kubeck        Donald J        
Kufky        Willi        Ursula
Kujawa                Christa Ludwig
Kukafka                Jane
Kulik        John        Rita
Kurz        Karl        Ushi
Kyker        Charles        Karin
Labossiere        Girard        
LaCross        R        Mary
Laden        Mike        
Lafayette        Jerry        Seiglinde
Lafferty        Harvey        Margaret
LaForest        Aime        
Lahovin        Tony        Linda
LaJoie        Edward        
Lakin        Bill        Kay
Lamb        Wayne E        
Lambert        Dan        Fran
Lambert        Robert W         
Lambo        Robert        Lambo Robert
Lambrecht        Lee W.        
Lamp        Robert R        Jane
Lampman        Glenn R        
Lancaster        Russ        Helga Steiner
Lance        Charles        Zoe Levery
Landmesser        Theodore R        
Lane        George        Jutta
Lane        Jerry        
Lane        Kenneth R        
Lane                Irmgard Herpich
Laney                Ursula
Lang        Ed        
Lange        Helga        
Larkin        Duane W        Dolores
Larsen, Jr.        Louis P        
Larson        Carl        
Larson        James        Sarah
LaRue        Bruce        
Lasalla        Carl        
Laurenzi        Paul         Judy
Laury                Shannon
Lautieri        Norman         Ursula
Lautzenheiser        Dean        Rhonda
Lavacki        John F        
Laven        Paul        Erika (Rockelmann)
Law        James        Elaine
Lawrence        Thomas K        
Lawson        Curtis         Mary
Lawson        Jerry R        
Layman        John C.        Rosalee
Le Jeune        Ken        Carol
Leach        Edwin T.        
Leach        Vonnie        Sandra
Leaich, Jr.        Russel        Eva
Learned        Kenneth        Chae
Learned        Richard         Barbara
Lebsack        Raymond        Helen
Ledet                Carolyn
Lee        Charles E        
Lee        Donald K        
Lee        John C        
Lee        Roger R        
Lehn        Clarence J        
Lehr        Barbara N        
Lehr        Russell        Annelore
Leightcap        Tom        Emma Warner
Leiker        Norman J        Annelies Hoffman
Leipold        Rudoph        
Leisinger        Sterling        
Lemay        Mike        Carol
Lemke        Ronald        Ingrid (Seiser)
Lemley        Arden        Joanne
Lencki        Walter        
Lenderman        Stan        
Lenert        Richard        Marjean
Lengel                Marianne (Jahn)
Leonard        Bob        Martha
Leonard        James M        
Leonardson        David L        
Leone        Tony        Sheryl
Leone        Wayne A        Anna
Lepore        Vincent A        
Lerner        Barton        Susan
Lesher        James A        
Lester        Samuel A        Theresa
Letendre        Pat        Renate Deckelman
Levad        Charles        Trena
Levine        Al        Joean
Levy (Levey?)        Lewis J        
Lewis        Joseph R        
Lewis        Leo        
Lewis        Max        
Lewis        Richard J        
Lewis        Ronald C        
Licht        Petra        
Lind        Rudy        Betty
Lindberg        Stanley T        
Lindenbrook        Donald A        
Lindner        Marshall W.        Faylinda
Lindon        Lowell        
Linebaugh        John R        
Lininger        Thomas G.        
Link        Shelvia        
Lisowe        Charles        Luella
Liszak        J. Thomas        Linda
Litchfield        William        Marci
Little        Dennis P        
Littrell        Charles E        Carolyn
Lobb        Carson P        Charlotte
Lockeby        Bobby        Chris
Lockerman        Jerry L        
Lockowitz        Ann        
Loftis        James R        
Loi        Jody R        
Lombard        Evan R        
Long        Charles Henry        Christine Ann
Long        Harry        
Lonian        A.J.        
Lorence        Jeffrey Lee        Jo
Lotempio        John A.        
Lott        Earl H        
Lounsbery        Robert L.        Shirley
Lovick        Daniel Jack        Natalie
Lower        Lewis H        
Lowry        Oris "Bert"        Sue
Luby, Jr.        Jack        Lee(ShirlGleason
Luciani        Richard A        Margitta Busch
Lucido        Joseph B        Marge
Ludka        Theodore "Ted"        Jane
Ludwick        Jerome S        Gwen
Ludwig        Albert        
Lugaresi        Tarzo F.        Adelina Ramona
Lukasiak        Peter Stanislaus        Vivian
Luker        Tom        
Lundgren        Jim        Brigitte Gebhardt
Luther                Gaylyn
Lutters, Jr.        Carl A        
Lyckberg        Jack        
Lyle        John B        
Lyle                Irene K. (Jahn)
Lynch        John Patrick        
Lynch        Richard T.        Shirley Anne
Lyons        Harold W        
Lyons        Lawrence W        
MacDonald        George R        
Maciorowski        Edward        
Mack        Lenny        
MacKay        Robert M        
Macklin        Mark D        Sandy
MacMillan        David F        Marie
Madison        William L        Michko
Madrid        Alfred A        
Maguire        John        Judy
Magyar        Joseph L        
Magyar, Jr.                Elfie
Maher        Kenneth J        
Mahone        Kay Ann        
Main        Billy        
Main        Roger E        
Maki        AnneMarie        
Mallett                Rama Beims
Malloy        William        
Malone        Richard        
Manis        David        Cindy
Manis        Loretta        
Mann        Bill        
Mann        Bobby L        Jean
Mann        FranklinC        
Mann, Jr.        James W        
Manning        Robert A        
Mansfield        Robert        Helga
Manson        James L.        
Manuel        Theodore        
Manzanares        Dana L        
Marcellino        Sam L.        Lynn
Marks        James M        
Marks        Paul A        Susan
Marriotti        Lewis M        
Marrone                Helga Werner
Mars        David A        Karin E. Sorgel
Marshall        Joseph E        
Marshall        Lewis        
Martin        Charlie        
Martin        Evalyn Mae        
Martin        Leonard J        
Martin        Richard J        Carol
Martin        Thomas J        
Martin                Mary
Martinez        Erminio J.        Corrine H.
Martinez        Raymond        
Martinez        Richard        
Martins        Maria        
Marvin        Larry        Mary
Marwood, Jr.        Michael J        
Mason        Larry W        
Mason        Paul        
Massengale        Billy L        
Masters        Rex        Judith
Mathis        Joel        
Matuszek        Clarence P.        
Matz        Michael        Kimberly
Matzig        Peter N.        Gloria
Maurer        Raymond George        Carol
Maxwell        Quentin        
May Jr.        Andy        
Mayer        Hymie S.        
Mayer        Phillip A        
Mayfield        Jimmy W        
Mayo        Stephen "Clyde"        Mary
Mazer        Paul        Kathy
McAneny, Jr.        John Barry        Sarah
McAuley        James E        
McAuliffe        Tina        
McAuliffe                Pauline
McBeth        Art        Gayle
McBride        Kenneth L        
McCassey        Gregory L        
McCauley        R.L.        
McCay        Earl D        Dolly
McClintock        Victor P        
McComb        Richard R        Teresa
McCormack        David F        Jill
McCormack        George        Monika Beyer
McCormick        Barbara "Galvin"        Paul
McCullers        Jerry        
McCulloch        David F        
McCullough        Michael J        
McCullough, Sr.        Stephen E.        
McCurtain        Robert O        Lynn
McCusker        William C. "Bill"        Annette
McDaniel        Robert R        
McDaniel        Roger C        
McDonald        George R        
McDonald        Jimmie L        
McDonald        Ronald        
McDonald                Heidi
McDonnell, Jr.        John J        
McDowell        Norma L.        
McDuffy        Mac        Yvonne
McElroy        William         
McEnaney        James        
McFarland        Joe        Rosemarie Klier
McGhee        Vernon E.        
McGill        Donald W        Ursula Panzer
McGill        Richard M        Gloria
McGill        Robert W        
McGivern        Edward James "Mac"        Barbara
McGoldrick        Rich        Terri
McGovern, Jr.        James        
McGrath III        George        
McGray        Donald        
McIntosh        Denver        Vicki
McKellips        Robert W        
McKenzie        John D.        Pat
McKeon        Dan        Mary Lou
McKinney        Jimmy L.D.        Mary
McKnight        Bill        Kim
McKnight        Jim        Edith
McKown        Dan        Mary
McLarney        Troelous        
McLaughlin        Howard P        
McLaughlin        James C        
McLaughlin        John H        
McLeod        Michael D        Peggy
McLin        John A.        
McMahan        Keith        Mary Dachauer
McMahon        John F        
McMunn        Mac        Carolyn
McNair        Booker T        
McNatt        Carl  E        Margaret
McNeal        Cherry        Lucille
McNeese        Richard D        
McPhaul        Gene        Waltraud Wuerz
McTeer        James M        
McWilliams        Dale Harland        
Meadows        Kenneth        Suong Le
Meagher        Richard F        
Medders        Michael D        
Medlyn        Douglas         Naneen Froehlich
Medz                Rosa Kaiser
Meeks        Daryl J        Ruth
Meggs        Melba        
Mehera        David        Jackie
Meiller        Charles        Eve Elfriede Seifferth
Meimberg        Charles        
Mele                Marie Grace
Mellinger        George        Yvonne
Mendivil        Robert        Ilse
Merenivitch        Jarrow        Hazel
Merkovsky, Jr.        Andrew J        
Merrell        J. W,        Betty
Merry        Claude "Spider"        
Metz        Mary        
Meyer        Charles R        
Meyer        James Calvin        
Meyer        Tim        Ina
Meyers        William A        
Meyn        John        Karen
Michael        Ron        Tracy McAuliffe
Michaels        Glenn "Mike"        
Middleton        Bill        Ingrid
Miedema        Sid        Kolleen
Miers        Jerry S. "Max"        Alice Frances
Mies        Tom        Anne Marie
Mihu        John R        
Mikelatos        Spyridon H.        
Milburn        Bob        
Miles, Jr.        Brad        Ann
Milkes        Robert L        
Miller        Alan R        
Miller        Barby         Nell
Miller        Bennie L        
Miller        Billy G        
Miller        Charles Hessler (Chuck)        Connie
Miller        Don        Cindy
Miller        Edward M.        
Miller        Gerlinde        
Miller        Graig M        
Miller        Jack        Waltraud
Miller        Joe V        
Miller        John C        Ann
Miller        Kenneth        
Miller        Laurence        
Miller        Michael        
Miller        Robert A        
Miller        Robert J        Francis
Miller        Ronnie        
Miller        Russell E        
Miller        Russell M        
Miller        Tyrone W        Helen
Miller, Jr.        John E        
Millner        Beverly R        
Mills        Jasper E        
Mills                Mary
Milton        Fred R        
Miner(s)        Robert D        
Minnich        Gerald L.        Peggy
Minter        John        Martha
Minugh        Robert        
Mirasola        Gary        Heidi
Mishler                Carol
Mitchek        Ernest        
Mitchel        Ed        Ginny
Mitchell        Daniel S        
Mitchell        James D        Gloria
Mitchell        Robert I        
Mitchell        Rockie        
Mittermeier                John
Moats        Ken        
Mock        William         Ruth
Moeckel        Ronald        Rebecca
Moffett        Michael Richard        
Moll         Stephen        
Momany        Dick        Nellie
Monson        Ron        Betty
Montieth                Janice
Moody        Willie R        
Moon        Gary  E        Edna
Moore        Gary J.        Susan
Moore        James E        
Moore        John L        
Moore        Samuel J        
Moreau        Felix A.        
Moretz        Paul W.        
Morgan        Ernest W        
Morgan        Robert L        
Morgan                Betty Sue
Morin        Ernie        Charlene
Morin        Gerald H        Mary Ann
Morin, Jr.        Paciano        Ramona
Morocco        A.H. Rock        
Morris        Clayton        
Morris        Larry R.H.        
Morris        Wister        Heidi
Morrison        James N        
Morrissey        Michael        
Morse                Hilde
Morton        Jack L.        Arline
Morton        Jennings B        
Moss        Robert D        
Motogawa        Ralph        
Moulder        Edwin Lane        Irene
Moxley        Gerald E        
Moyer        Phil        Jeannine
Muehlberg        Brigitte        
Mukes        Roosevelt        Diane
Mulbrandon        Margaret        
Mulligan        Roland        
Mumpower        James E        
Munday        Johnny "John" E.        
Munden        Alfred E.        
Munro        Bruce T        
Munson        John R        
Murphrey        Terry J        
Murphy        Jack        Debi
Murphy        Peter C.        
Murphy        Raymond F.        Helen
Murray        Leroy K        
Murrell        David        Beth
Murrie        Kenneth I.        Pat
Murtaugh        Patrick M        
Muttart        Harold C        Jo
Myers        Robert L.        
Myers        Steven S        
Myers        William A        
Myers        William H        Jane
Mynes        Ernest        
Nadeau        Ernest J        
Nalepka        Edward        Widower
Nall        Joseph C        
Nance        Raymond .E        Doris
Nape        Thomas        Linda
Naron        Herman L.        
Nash        Floyd Haskel        Karin Anita Franz
Natzel        Ronald F.        
Navickas        Stan        Lois
Neal, JR.        George M.        
Neely Jr.        Ted        Judy
Neiser        John        
Nelsen        Terry C. (Chuck)        Eileen L.
Nelson        David D        
Nelson        Len        Laurie
Nelson        William H        
Nelson                Ann
Nelson, Jr.        Leon AW        
Nelson, Jr.        Skip        Thekla
Nephew        Bion        
Neuman                Linda
Newell        Jim        Lela
Newell        Kenneth M        
Newlon        Ray        Renate Schierenb
Newsom        Richard A.        Peggy
Nicely        Michael A        Mary Lu
Nicely        William G        
Nicholl        Arthur Cyril        
Nichols        Elizabeth        
Nichols        Ronald O        
Nicholson        Nick        Mary
Nigg        Ron        
Nixon        Jerry D        
Nixon        Mark D        
Noakes        James Jr        
Noll        Bob        Kittie
Noon        Gay A.        Shirley
Norczyk        Stanley P.        
Nordlof        Robert        Rita
Norgail        Daniel         
Norman        Valiant C. (Val)        
Norris        Marvin         Brenda
Northway        Debra (Barron)        
Norvell         Gail        
Norwood        Herman        Tessie
Novitsky        Bill        Claudia
Nowakowski        John T        
Nuetzel        Elisabeth        
Nyberg        Elmer A        Dorothy
Nye        Bill/Pearl        Pearl
Oakman        Charlie L.        Judy
O'Brien        John Allen        Theresa Fischer
O'Carroll        Jerry Dewayne        
Odegaard                Velma
Odell        John F        
Oden         Bob        Svea
Oden         Richard D        
O'Donald        Catherine        
O'Donnell        John M        
Oelke (Bacon)        Marion        Roger
O'Hare        Dick        Ellen Nagle
Oktabetz        Ted        Chi
Olendrowicz        Paul J        
Olive        Louis D.        Shirley Gresham
Oliveri        Andrew J        Anne
Ollila        Glen        Kristi
Olona        Harold C        
Olsen        Lloyd F        
Omlid        Loren Dean        
Oneal        Charles H        
Oneal        Robert P        
Oreilly        Kenneth J        
Ormiston        Alvin        Maxine
Orr        Guy N        
Orser        David N.        Sharon
Orso, Jr.        Dominick        
Orwoll        Mark        
Osban        John R        
Osborn        Ernest H        
Osborne        Philip E        
Osler        Que        
Osterhage        Gerh        
Otey        Dannie J        
Ott        Edward D        
Otterbein        Doris        
Otto        Irmgard        
Owen        Fred        
Owen        Virgil H        
Owen        Wayne        
Owens        Gene A        
Pace        Johnny        Velma
Pace        Malinda        
Paffe        Joe        Lola
Page        Billy G        
Page        Lawrence W.        
Page         Terry L        
Palmer        Melvin D        
Palmer        Richard J        
Papke        Billie J        Donna Jean
Parent        Rene        
Parker        Hoyt L        
Parker        Joseph        Jeanette
Parker        Richard K        
Parker        Syl        
Parker                Dolores
Parker, III        Charles L        
Parks        Doris        
Parks        Phil        Karen
Parks        Watson        Sophia
Parnell        Chuck        June
Parramore, III        William F        
Parrow                Frankie
Parsons        James E        
Partee        Leon        
Partridge                Janice
Pascal        Freeman        Mary
Paskett                Marilyn
Passarella        Donald A        
Passick        Roger D        
Patrick        Thomas        Francis K
Patterson        Howard "Pa"        Betty
Patterson        Jack        Hannelore
Patterson        Larry        
Patterson                Rosie-NCOclub
Pattillo        Jim        Peggy
Patton        Gene        Gail
Patton        Stanley W        
Patton        William A        
Patton, II                Margo
Pauley        Leo        Carolyn
Paulin        Peter J        Beth
Pawlak        Peter J        Mary
Payette        Dick         Joyce
Pazdan        Joseph J        
Pazkowski        Thaddeus        
Peacock        Kevin        Carol
Pearson         James H        
Pearson         Marvin E        
Pearson         Robert P        
Peccarelli        Lou        Sherrie
Peckham        Ancel        
Peeler        Jerry L        
Pehrs        Jim        Sherry
Pellam        Jim        Barb
Pena        Richard        
Pendleton, Jr.        Glenn D        
Penfield        Ernest        Marie
Penland        Marion W        
Penndorf        Richard        Mary
Perdue        Joe        Paula
Perdue        William "Bill"        
Perkins        Jimmy        
Perron        Fred        Joan
Perrotte        George H        
Perry        Ronald A        
Perugini        John        Judy
Peters        William J        
Peters         Dennis W.        
Peterson        Alfred W        Sharon
Peterson        Bob        Jutta
Peterson        Everett        Herta Schoerner
Peterson        Pete        Sharon
Peterson        Ralph  W        
Peterson        Ross E        Sandie
Petit        Joseph G        
Petitt        James R        
Petty        Morris E        Karen
Petty        Omer        Rena
Pfeiffer        David        Sieglinde Wolfe
Phelan                Mary
Phelps        Wilbert R        
Phillips        Chancie L        
Phillips        Ed        
Phillips        Harley C        
Phillips        Vernon L        
Phillips        William        
Phillips        William G        
Picha                 Ingrid Bergmann
Pickett        Thomas L        Gail
Piehl        Jerry        Ginnie
Pieper                Sandra
Pierce        David A        
Pierce        Terry        
Pilonero, Jr.        Ted        Trina
Pino        Ylifonso        Kate
Pintello        Rod        Marion
Pinto        Richard A        Joyce
Pippo        Phil        
Pitchford        Keith        Gail
Pitcock        Gene        
Pittman        Ed        Johnnie
Plunkett        Marvin        Sonja
Pogirnicki        Adam        Heidi Keilbart
Pohle        Ronald L. "Ron"        Zilla
Poland        Ray E        
Polder        Jerome        Ya Hwei
Polk        James E        
Polk        Roger G        Mary Lou
Pollock        John        Mary Ann
Pomroy        Richard A        
Ponce        Santi        Anne
Pope        Frank D        
Pope        John L        
Popovitch        Vic        Margaret
Porter        David E        
Porter        Ronald F.        
Poss                Karen
Post        Roger W        
Poster        Henry O        
Posteraro        Vincent        
Poston        David        
Poston        Jay        
Poston, Jr.        Joseph M        
Potter        Janet E        
Pottle        Robert J        
Pounds        Isaiah        
Powers        Michael S        
Pratt        Richard H        
Preece, II        Hiram Z        Linda
Preslar                Carol
Price        Edward R        
Price                M. Jume
Price, Jr.        Emmett        Angelika
Prickett        Walter        Chalotte
Priester        Robert L. "Bob"        Mirella
Pritchard        James C.        Erika
Prosser        James        
Pryor        Karin Eichhorn        
Pryor        Lafayette        Queenester
Pryor        Thomas        
Pugh        Floyd        Barbara   
Pullen        James L        
Purvis        Leroy W        
Putman                Kay
Putnam                Jean
Putney        Chuck        
Quednow        Bill        Carol
Quisenberry                Karen
Raab        Francis H.        Janice
Radomski        Dave        
Raffensperger        Melvin B        
Ragels        Vince         
Rambin        Frank L        
Ramirez        Cipriano "Tony"        
Ramsey        Michael D        Shirley
Randolph        Randy        
Ranft        Walter "Tony"        Rose
Ranniar        Alexander        
Rapp        Terry R        
Rasnake        Samuel L        
Rast        William L         
Ratcliff        Lionel        Julienne
Rattcliffe        James H        
Rau        Dennis        Ingrid
Rawson        Norman        
Ray        Robert C        
Ray        Robert L.        
Raybon        Claude E        
Read        Thomas D        
Reamer        Thomas D        
Rector        George M        
Redding        Edward A        
Redeker, Jr.        Charles        Liz
Redgrave        Bertram        Ursula Strobel
Redwood        George        
Redwood        Ron        Rosemari Meyer
Reed        Joe D        
Reed        Lewis R        
Reed        Mark V        
Reed        Richard C        Roslyn
Reed        Robert F        MSg
Reese        Joel        Cherrie
Reger        Paul        
Reich        Gary        Veronika
Reichelderfer        Terry        
Reidmiller        Robert G        
Reiff        Caryl M        
Reiling        William E        Lia
Reinmiller        Carl        Claire
Rennie                Wilma
Reno        Richard C        
Resner        James F        Viola
Reyes        Gilbert H.        
Reynolds        Charles H        
Reynolds        John W        
Ricche        Tom        
Rice        Carl        Gloria
Rice        Gerge H        
Rich        Melvin B        Paula
Richards        William C        
Richmond        Daniel W        
Richter        Sylvan H        Lois
Rickman        Joseph M.        
Ridge        Charlie        Pattie
Ridge        Robert D        
Ridgeway        Don        
Riehl        David        Brenda
Rieker        Gerald L        Gudrun
Riemer        Robert F        
Ries        David H        
Riester        Robert        
Riggs, III        David A        
Riley        Ed        Diane
Riley        Norman         
Riney        Larry        Nancy
Rinta        Henry        Sharon
Rissler        Brad        Irene Gradl
Ritter        Gene        
Ritter        HannsKarl        Regina
Rivera                Alma
Robbins        Richard m.        Inge Koettel
Robbins        Vic        Sandra
Roberts        Archie L        Kathy
Roberts        Cecil        Renate (Schodel)
Roberts        Paul  D        
Robertson        Neil        Ruth
Robertson        Raymond C        
Robichaux        Marcus H        
Robie        Ron        Sherry
Robinson        Bill        Carole
Robinson        Dale A        Hannelore
Robinson        Garland R        
Robinson        George        Brigitte Leupold
Robinson        Kenneth E        
Robinson        Larry        Judy
Robinson        Lester C        
Robinson        Milton        
Robinson        Oran S        
Robinson        Robert        
Robinson        Walter H.        JoAnne
Rodamer        Robert F.        Mary
Rodriguez        Eduardo        
Rodriguez        Martiniano V        Maria I
Rodriquez        Ricardo        
Roe        William J        
Roehrborn        Bill        Dotti
Rogers        AL        Sandy
Rogers        James O        
Roman        Walter A        
Romero        David A        
Rominger        G Wray        Leontine
Roney        Dorothy        
Roper         Edward J        
Rosborough        E. L        
Rose        John        
Rose                Susie
Rosenbaum        Samuel        Adelheid
Rosenberg        Barry D        
Rosipko        Jim        
Ross        Donald  Don        
Ross        Ernest D.        
Ross, Jr..        Joseph W        
Roth        Ronald         Bonnie
Rounkles        Marvin         Anita
Roussin        Raymond M.        
Rowden        Lee         Lynn
Rowe        Albert f.        Linda
Rowe        Robert         
Rowlee        Robert        Shirley
Rowles        RaymonA        
Rubin        Donald M        
Rubio        Richard        
Rudnick        Stanley B        
Ruggeri                Marga Schmalz
Rund        David H        
Runkle        Leslie J.        Cathy
Russ        Cebroon L.        
Russell        Greg        Elke Ratajtzak
Russell        Richard B.        
Rust        Floyd B.        
Rutmayer        Ed        Eileen
Ruzak        Jay D.        Cynthia
Ryburn        Samuel        
Rytting        Brent        
Saalwaechter        Dr John        Vicki Ann
Sadler        Dick        Linda
Sadowski                 Anna
Sage        David        Patricia
Saleski        Robert S.        
Sallen        Bertram        
Salmon, Jr.        J.P.        
Salters        Robert G.        Linda
Samuelson        James F.        
Sanborn        Gary R.        
Sanchez        Louie        
Sanchez        Nervin        
Sandberg        Samuel        Teresa
Sandblom        Russell C.        
Sanders        Jan        
Sanders        Mike        
Sanderson        James A        
Sanderson        Sandy        
Sandifer        Marvin H        Betty
Sandoval        Billy        Sibylla
Sanstrom        John N        
Sanstrom        Lynn        
Santens        Jerry        Carol
Sapp        Allen D.        Carla
Sarbaugh        Bernard L        Barbara
Satornino        George C.        Stella
Sausedo        Charlie        Honey Hohmann
Sawyer        Melvin E        
Sawyer        Tommie L        Teresa
Saylor        Terry        Rhonda
Scalise        Dominic        Irmgard
Scanlan        Lambert        Edna
Scanlon        Michael F.        
Scarborough        Gary        Joy
Schaefer        Ron        Nancy
Schaffer        George F.        
Scheidecker        Robert N.        
Schenkel        Michael        
Scher        Simon H.        
Schick        Lester        
Schiebrel        Steve        Rebecca
Schiermeister        Pat        
Schilling        Gary        Ann
Schiltz        Phil        Diana
Schiltz                Gisela Ramming
Schlaepfer        Kenneth        Joan
Schlesinger        Morris        
Schmidt        Doug        Jan
Schmidt        Robert E.        
Schmitz         Thomas J.        Karyn
Schneider        Frank Jr.        
Schneider        Harvey S.        
Schneiders        Charlie        
Schnell        Mark  H.        
Schoen        Tom        Jesica
Schonbachler        Norman        Carole
Schooley        Jean M.        Adm Officsr
Schriver        Charlie        
Schroeder        James         
Schryer        Tom        Joyce
Schultz        Danny        
Schultz        Peter J.        
Schute        Richard J.        
Schwab        Richard A.        
Schwartz        Evelin Baier        
Schwarz        Arnold        
Schwarz        Isolde        
Schwoch        Larry        
Schwoch                Lois
Scott        Darrell        Linda
Scott        Irvin        Nancy
Scott        James K        Brenda
Scott, Jr.        Francis L        
Scrivner        William R        
Scroggins, Jr.        Hurley        
Seay        Roy T.        Peggy
Seay, III        Emmett        Betty
Seelbinder        Charlie        
Seely        Thomas K        Bonnie
Seiler        Stephen A.        Gayle
Seits        LaurenceE        
Seitz        Donald D        
Seitzer        Keith        Jamie
Sellers        Walter J.        
Seltzer        Andy        
Seneta        Gene        Joanne
Serniak        Steve         Ingrid Granzow
Sessions        Charles        Eris
Sever        Jim        
Seward        JE        Louise
Seward        Roger A        
Sexton                Marcia
Seymour        Lynn  E.        
Shahan        Ronald L.        Linda
Sharp, Jr.        Everette W.        Sonja
Sharpe        Lynn N.        
Shaver        Mike        
Shaw        Aubrey        Sandra
Shaw        Bill        Doris Luther
Shearer        Charles        Lori
Shearer        John W.        
Sheldon        Virgil J.        
Shell Jr        Bud        Virginia
Shelley        Jack        Heidi
Shelton        Charles W.        
Shelton        Eddy        Ingrid Weishaupt
Shepard        Robert J.        
Shepherd        John E.        
Shepp                Helga Winkler
Sher        Harry        Bonnie
Sherbs        David A.        
Sherry        Thomas F.        
Shields        Thomas T.        
Shipe        Robert "Bob"        Sarita
Shirey        Chester L.        
Shirley        John        
Shives        William Willie        
Shoaff                Nancy
Shoemaker        Edward L        
Short        Roy H        
Short        Russell        Elfriede Plassmei
Short         Gary W        
Shorter                Herma
Shoup        John P        
Shriver        Larry        
Shu        Ed        Anna
Shuler        Eugene U        
Shumway        Keith        Annette Polidori
Shute        William C        
Siciliano        Anthony F        Iona
Sidel        Harold R        
Siebold        Frank A.        
Siegfried        Arnold J.        
Siegfried        David        Mary
Siegfried        Steve        Gertrude
Sierra        Manuel E.        
Sigler        Ronald G.        
Sikes        Christa (Hussmann)        
Sill        Peter J.        
Silva        Albert P.        
Silva        Antonio        
Silveria        Walter G.        Juanita "Jay"
Silverstein        Richard        Elfriede "Elsie"
Silvestri                Shirley Ann
Simmons        Allyn B.        
Simmons        David        Michel
Simpson        Harold W.        
Simpson         Richard D.        
Sims        Franklin L.        
Sinagra                Jean
Sine        Robert J.        Clara
Sinesh        Charles        Vicki               
Sivills        James        
Skowronski        Michael Henry        Elfriede Eve
Skowronski        Mike        MaryEllen
Skrovanek        Joe        MaryEllen
Slash        Redford C        Gwendolyn
Slone        Gilmer        
Smallwood        Marshall C.        
Smith        Billy J.        Marilyn
Smith        Carl J.        
Smith        Charles E.        Anise
Smith        Daniel J.        
Smith        Don        Sara
Smith        Farnum Leroy        Jane
Smith        George        
Smith        James R.        
Smith        James W.        
Smith        Jay F.        
Smith        John F.        
Smith        Lloyd E.        
Smith        Michael D.        
Smith        Richard L.        
Smith        Robert W.        
Smith        Roger L.        
Smith        Sidney B.        
Smith        Stanley        
Smith        William E.        Linda
Smith                Elfriede Schaller
Smith, Jr.        Harry Y.        Carole
Smolka        Joe        
Smothers        Phillip L.        
Snead        Billy  R.        
Snow        Francis E.        Patricia
Snyder, Jr.        Lynn   H.        
Solomon        David J.        
Soltes        Frank        
Soman        Robert G.        
Somerset        Frederick J.        
Sommer        Jerry        Helen
Sonkin        Ronald M        
Southard        Bill        Clare
Sparks        Ute        Ute
Spartz        Jim         Sybil
Spears        William        
Spears                Mary
Speed        Marvin K.        
Spellman        Edward J.        Alice
Spence        Michael        Pat
Sperry        Harry D        Joyce
Spiess        Marvin A.        Audrey
Spiller        Bill        Mary
Spittell        Glenn        Pam
Spock        Ray        Dee
Springer        John R        
St Germain        Roland E        Kathleen
St Pierre        Frank        Bonita
Stafford        Thomas M        
Stafford        Walt "Stan"        Dorothy
Staley        Roger L.        
Stallman        Bill        Cheryl
Stallsmith        Ken        Nancy
Standley        Billy J        Evangeline
Standridge        Ernest E        
Stanford        Gary W.        Lori
Staples        Dave        Sonja Woeschk
Stapleton        Harvey C        Wilma
Stargardt        Gisela (Kemnitzer)        
Starr        Bobby L        Mary
Steele        Bobby        Kande
Steele        Bruce C        
Steele        Gene        Margaret
Stefka        Gerald J        
Steigleder        Roy        Claire
Stein        Marvin        Karin Winkler
Steiner        Stanley D        
Steinkraus        Steven P        
Steinmetz                Mary
Stellwag        Harold C        
Stephens        Betty        
Stephens        E. D.        
Stephenson        Donald        
Stevens        Irving A        
Stevens        James        Debra
Stevens        Jim        
Stevens        Joseph M        
Stevens        Mark L.        Joyce
Stevens        Stanley S        
Stewart        Fred M        
Stewart        Herbert A        Marlene
Stewart, Jr.                Stefanie
Stingel         Russel E        
Stockton        Donald D        
Stockton        Gerald A        
Stokes        IngeZischle        
Stone        Ben L        
Stoneback                Patricia
Stover        John J        Brigette
Strack                Mary
Strange        John        
Strauch        Arthur M. "Art"        Marianne
Stricklin        James W.        Rachel
Stringer        Beverly J.        
Stringer        Bill        Burma
Stringer        Robert C        
Strosnider        Joseph D        
Stroup        Raymond        Ruby
Strunk        Paul        
Struss        Herbert        
Stubbs        Lloyd G.        Rosalle
Stuckey        Billy        
Studer        Peter        Inge
Sturzl        Michael R        
Stutzman        Floyd D        Esther
Suedekum        Frank        Joyce
Sullivan        Bill        
Sullivan        James L        
Sullivan        Joseph W.        
Sullivan        Monika         Wurzbacher
Sutton        Eston R.        Kathy
Sutton        Richard        Cindi
Swain        Edward B        
Swan        Joe        
Swanstrom        Larry C        Cindy
Swarmer        Dave        Coleen
Swartz        Dallas Ray        
Swartz        Wayne        Ursula
Sweatt                  Kathy
Sweeney                Karen
Sweet        Sheryl "Sam"        Bonnie "BJ"
Swider        John        Deborah
Swindell        Jim        Hilde
Swinney, Jr.                Elsie
Sycks        Bill        Barbara
Sylvain        Kenneth B        
Sysco        Roy C        
Szabo                Sharon
Taber        Mark        Linda
Taggart        Earl        Lydia
Talbot        Roger G        Judith
Tallman        Francis D        
Tanner        Carl R        
Tanner        Les        Stella
Taormina                Kathleen
Taplette        Chester        Annie
Taplin        George        Pat
Tarrance        Donald H        
Tatalajski        Tom        Wanda
Tatham        Edwin E        
Taylor        Bobby G        
Taylor        Craig        Regina
Taylor        Edgar L        
Taylor        Herbert C        
Taylor        Jerry        
Taylor        Jim        
Taylor        Melvin D        
Taylor        Michael W.        
Taylor        Oscar        
Taylor        Riley R        
Taylor        Thomas A        
Taylor III        Hollis         Nancy
Tederick        Calvin E        
Teeple        Guerry S        
Tejcka        Harold         Delores
Terhune        Robert L        
Terrell        Noah        Jaunita
Terry        William D        
Tews                Sally
Thayer        Kenneth A        
Theriault        Alfred        Ella
Thibodeaux        Allen R        Rosemarie
Thiel        Gerald A        
Thiry        Jeffrey F        Joyce
Thomas        Curtis        
Thomas        Robert M        
Thomas        Sylvester H.        
Thomas        Waddell A        
Thomen        Donald T        Beverly L
Thompson        Gary R        
Thompson        James C        
Thompson        R.G.        Betty Darlene
Thompson        Ray        
Thompson        Robert L        
Thorne        Don        Sandy
Thornhill        Robert        Cindy
Throm        Roger        
Thurm        Paul        Janice
Tindle        George E        Cindy
Todman        Walter A        
Toland         John E        
Tompson        David B        
Toni        William        Helen M.
Toombs        Carl B        
Toponce        Dennis        
Tornquist        Bob        Donna
Torres        John A        
Townsel        John R        
Townsend        Robert C        
Townsend                  Billie
Trachta                Mary
Trachtenberg        Julius F        
Travis         Dolores M        
Trejo        Danny        Eva
Tremper        Joe        Monika Lau
Trenkler        Rocco C        
Trent        Gerald E        
Trevino        Rodrigo        Connie
Triebsch        Edward        Blanch
Trigg        Johnny L        
Triplett        Tom        Emmi Wasserma
Trombly        Russ        Rosemary
Trongale        Lou        
Troxel        Richard        
Troy        Chet        Elfriede Schnelling
Tucker        David        Lydia
Tuite        Gerald F        
Tuller        Russell A        Lynda
Tuller                Ilka Gruenagel
Turell        Gary        
Turner        Boyce L        
Turner        Carl J        
Turner        Jack D        
Umholtz        James        Gloria
Undernehr        Raymond E        Tommie
Underwood        Ken        Deborah
Upton        Henry I         
Ussack        William A. "Bill"         Ina Rae
Ustich        Ted        Donna
Vail        Stanley W        Janet
Vakulick        Vook        Nedra Kearney
Valdez        Ernie        Carole
Vallaro        Ronald        
Van Daele        Lawrence         Gisela Shaller
Van Nort        Ken        
Vance        Don        Carol
Vance        James R        
Vandermartin                Pat
Vanderweyde        James        Elizabeth
Vandevelde        Gene        Marilyn
Varney        Drusilla        
Vaughn        Charles E        
Vaughn        Peter R        
Vaughn                Erika Hahn
Vaught        Leonard K        
Verdier        Karen        
Verdier        Lawrence W        Shirley
Vernier        James E        
Vialpando        Jim        Lurlene
Vineyard        Gerald        Iva C.
Vitarelli        Jerry        Barbara
Vitch         Anthony A.        
Vogel        Gerald E. "Jerry"        Carole
Vonbielefield        Darl K        
Vorhees        Richard        
Vroman        Stephen K        
Waclawski        David        Vicky
Waclawski        Helga Puchta        
Waddell        James L        
Wade        BenjaminT        
Wagers        Ed        
Wagner        Daniel R        
Wagner        Michael J        
Wagner        William          
Waitman        Bill "Willy"        Jeanette
Walcher        Merle        
Walchhofer        Sepp        Gerti Rubner
Walden, Jr.        Jefferson F        
Walker        Carlton        
Walker        Chris "Fred"        Linda
Walker        Eugene        
Walker        George "Tom"        Nova
Walker        George. W        
Walker        Harold J        
Walker         Thurman A        
Walker, Jr.        James E        
Walkins, Jr.        Charles B        
Wallace        Clarence C        
Wallace        James D        
Wallace        Larry K.        
Wallace        Tom        Nadine
Wallace                 Peggy
Walls        Elliot S        
Walsh        George L        
Walsh        Joseph F        
Walsh, Jr.        James F        
Walters        Harold J        
Walters        Ray E.        Maureen
Walters        Robert B        
Wangerow        George W        Marilyn
Ward        Frederick A        
Ward        Michael D        
Ward        Robert        Virginia
Ward         Jimmy L        
Warman        Jerry        Mary
Warner        Donald        Loyce
Warner        James E        
Warnke                MaryAnn
Warren        Lyndell O        Dorris
Warren        Wayne S.        Virgie
Wascak        Gilbert        Barbara
Washington        Arthur L        
Wasserberg        Irv        Ruth
Waters        Charles H        
Waters        Troy G        
Waters        William C        
Watford                Carol
Watkins        George A        
Watkins        Thelma "Alice"        Bob (see Briggs)
Watkins        William T.        Bonnie
Watley        Frank J        Mareta
Watson        Thomas W        
Watterlund        James F        Lucy
Watts         Derald        Regina (Schneider)
Weathers        George R        
Weatherwalks        Arthur        Karin Goller
Weaver        Darlene        
Weaver        Jim        Betsey
Weaver-Sims        Jerry        Inge Herold
Webb        Jerry B        
Webb        Larry        Ann
Webb        Merrill F        
Webb        Phillip        
Weddle        Bruce        Jane
Wehrman        Paul        
Weigel        Stefan        Belinda
Weinzirl        Arnold L        Mary
Welch        Dan        
Welch        Donald R.        Kathy
Welkey        George M        
Wells        Charles F        Sylvia
Wells        Douglas M        
Wells        Robert Jr        
Wells                Glenda
Welsh        John H.        
Welsh        Thomas C        
Wenc        John        
Wendt        Donald        
Wenger        Frederick C        
Werner        David R        
Werts        Robert        
Wertz        Kenny        Annette Aubuchon
West         Paul H.        
Whaley        Lacy L        
Wharton        E.B "Elaine"        
Wheeler        Harlon T.        Forest
Whethrich        Thomas D        
Whetzel        Robert W        
Whipple        Dawn G        
Whipple        Richard        
Whisner        Walter  Walt        
White        Cecil         Ruben Artery
White        Ellis J. "James"        Gerda Zerner
White        Floyd A        
White        Ollie        Linda
White        Patrick B.        
White        Russell F        
White         Ronald        Christa Herold
Whitney        Melvin E        
Whittenberg        Tom        Erika
Wick        Ken        
Wicker        Billy J.        Irmgard Rose (Matheis)
Wicker        Helen        
Widawski        Thomas P        
Wiedmeier        James P        
Wiemann        Bill        Brigitte (Groh)
Wiemelt        Gerry        Kitty
Wiggins        Toni        Randy
Wigle        Clifford        Marlene Bergman
Wilburn        Bruce        Karen
Wilcox        Donald L        
Wilcox        Orren W.        Arlene
Wilcoxson        James E        
Wild        John        Donna
Wilhoite        Donald R        Vicki
Wilke        Martin        Pat
Wilkie        Ralph N        Sondra
Wilkinson        Robert        
Wilks        Randall C        
Williams        Busbee J        
Williams        Earl E        
Williams        Linda        
Williams        Murry T        
Williams        Phil        Joyce
Williams        Richard B.        Kristine
Williams        Ronald        Hedy (Seeberger)
Williams        Terry D        
Williams        Wayne P. "Phil"        Roberta K.
Williams        Willie E        
Williams                Lottie
Williams         Warren H        
Williams, Jr.        Jacob        
Williamson        John A        
Williamson, Jr.        Troy        
Willingham        Edward W        
Willis        Daigle Don        
Wills        Dennis G        
Wills                Monika
Wilson        Gaye Bowen        Jim
Wilson        Michael F        
Wilson        Samuel         Ursula (Bodenschatz)
Wilson        Stanley J        
Wilson                Kathy
Wimberly        Wayne        
Windham        Mack        
Winn        Norman        Helen
Wirtz        David        
Wisniewski        David         Charlene
Witherspoon        David        
Woelfel, Jr.        Robert         
Wolfe        John         Hedda
Wolfley        Terry        
Wolford        William H        
Wolin        David        
Wonder        Fred        
Wong        Kenneth J        
Wood        Paris        
Wood        Troy L        
Woodruff        Bill        Christa Fickensc
Woods        Billy A        Sharon
Woods        John        
Woodward        Ronald G        
Wooten        David        
Wooten        Jim        Bridgitte
Worsham, Jr.        Ronald         Anne
Worthy        James        Loretta
Wray        Dennis        
Wright        Clark        
Wright        James R        
Wright        Marty         Judy
Wright        Mindy        Daughter of Glenn Michaels
Wyckoff        Ed        Gayle
Wyland        Raymond C.        Eveline
Yarbrough                Rose  
Yarnall        Jean        
Yates        Bob        Sybil
Yates        Donald  E        
Yeager        David        Nancy
Yee        William        Barbara
Yenchus        Richard        Virginia
Yernberg        Robert Jr        Kitty
Yockey, Jr.        Gene        Kathy
Yogan        Hazel        
Youker        Bill        
Younce        Phillip        
Young        David T.        
Young        Walter        
Youngblood        William        Lustria
Younger        Rudy        Dori
Yust        Terence D. "Terry"        
Zacchini        Thomas        Gwenna
Zag(Zagzebski)        Fred        Helen
Zahnow        Robert G        
Zawadzke        Miles R        Wanda
Zeh        Harald        
Zeisloft        Robert        
Zekan        Inge        
Zesiger        John G.        Wendy
Ziegler        Michael        
Zimmermann        Rich        Elizabeth
Zitka        Ken        Betty
Zobrak                Lorrayne
Zukoski        John "Jay"        Hanna
Zuniga        Eugene        
Zurawski        David J.        Ingrid (Ritz)
Zutell        Gene        Josephine