VOLUME 3   AUG 2002 - Feb 2004
Name: Tom and Jan McKinney

Date:  Tuesday August 13, 2002 17:43:33 GMT


Jan and I were married in Hof at the Rathaus by the magistrate and in the Hof chapel by Capt
Peden in February 1962. We were there from March 1961 till August 1963 the first tour and
January 1965 thru January 1968 our second tour. Our oldest of three sons was born in the
Nurnberg Army Hospital in 1963 just before we rotated to SAC for an interim assignment. All our
memories of youth, marriage and parenthood, with all their progressive responsibilities, started
in Hof. Perhaps because of the strong beginnings with the lifelong friends we made there we are
still living our dream life. Our best to all who remember us.

Name: John X Neiser

Date:  Wednesday August 14, 2002 21:48:46 GMT


Was stationed in Hof from Aug 62 thru Aug 65. Assigned to the 6915th. Worked in the photo lab,
both on base and at the site. Had a great time there. Got busted once but we won't talk about
that. Also spent 2 years at Wakkannai, Japan. Liked Germany better.

Name: Arden Lemley

Date:  Thursday August 15, 2002 14:54:34 GMT


Russian linguist stationed at Hof from April 1961 until July 1962. Hardship discharged to return to
family farm. Eventually went to work for the Postal Service after I saw Tom McKinney in a TV ad.
Retired in June 2001. My good friend Lonnie Henderson came to see me in North Dakota this
summer. It was a great 40 year reunion, and brought back many memories. He also has
provided me with USAFSS web site info including this one. I'll be visiting it regularly.

Name: Max J. {Jerry} Miers

Date:  Sunday August 18, 2002 02:42:01 GMT


Was at Hof from Aug 1962 until June 1964. Worked on "D" shift.

Name: Larry Davis

Date:  Friday August 23, 2002 01:25:46 GMT


Stationed at Hof6915 scty sq from June 1970 til discharged in October 1971. I worked in
interactionon Dog flt i think with SSG Andy Carey the moved on to work as a day lady doing the
DURMIS report with TSG Lyle. OIC was Capt Norman Parrow. I was a Russian 203. Wifes name
is Jane she was AYA director . Had some great times would love to be going to reunion but just
cant work it out. I am goind to do everything I can to make Las Vegas.


Date:  Monday August 26, 2002 01:05:42 GMT


I was at Hof from Oct. 1964 until Aug. 1966 on Charley Flight. I had a great time there and
traveling around Europe. I have pictures of Hof and Charley Flight Floor during a G.I. Party. I will
try to get them scanned soon. I've been married to the same woman for thirty four years. We have
two children and three grandchildren. I'm still trying to get used to the word Pap-Pap. I would like
to hear from any of the old gang.

Name: jim mcdaniel

Date:  Friday September 06, 2002 01:30:35 GMT


Was in the 6915th from 1962-64 and was back there in 1970 until the site closed. Was a
294/205 and worked on Dog flight in 62-64 for Sgts Hatcher and Propst. All three of us were
from West Virginia. Hope to hear from some old friends.

Name: Dick & Linda Newman

Date:  Sunday September 29, 2002 20:22:54 GMT


I was in the 6915th and was there in 1962 - 1963.

Name: Bill McCusker

Date:  Sunday September 29, 2002 21:02:34 GMT


I was stationed at Hof 1963 - 1965 as a 294x0. I spent the entire time on Baker flight. I have seen
some names I recognize (Pellam, Rafferty, Munden, others) in your guest book. I was transferred
(2T) to Wakkanai in early 1965. I left the AF in 1966 to return home and complete college and
have worked since graduation at a local (Glendora, Calif) college. Hopefully I'll see you all in Las
Vegas next year.

Name: C. A. Russell

Date:  Tuesday October 01, 2002 11:35:45 GMT


It's too bad all of you couldn't have made the Hof Reunion! I had heard that "everything has
changed" there in Hof, but I didn't find that to be true. Some modernization, but the old Hof
infrastructure is still there, going strong...and the town is still very friendly.  Thank You Robert, and
all the German members that worked on this project so well, and Chuck and Monica for the
overall organization of this years Reunion. c.a.r.

Name: Jim Beard

Date:  Wednesday October 02, 2002 01:25:23 GMT


My wife and I enjoyed the Hof Reunion very much. I've never seen a group that large gel as one
so quick. Thank you to everyone envolved for making it a great experience. My wife and I have
already decided. If there's another one in Hof, we're going. We found some old friends and made
many new ones. Of course, I'm going to have to eat a lot of salads to make up for all the good
food and beer. What a wonderful trip this was.

Name: David Smith

Date:  Wednesday October 02, 2002 18:52:22 GMT


I was stationed in Hof from 4/65 thru 3/68. Worked on Baker,Charlie, and Dog flights as 203
(russian), 292, also worked ops-com, and radar at Dobraburg. I remeber giving Jake my car
keys (cause I was going to get blasted), also remember a lot of the names ( Jimmy Patillo, Denny
Gaines, Denny Bee, Jim Barnett, John John, Joe Horton (who ran the length of the barrack on the
roof after hosing John John in his bed with a fire extingusher), David Weisniewsky "Cherry" and
Darrel C.  I wish I had paid more attention to what was going on, for I fear that I have forgotton so
many of my old friends.

Name: Jerry Decker

Date:  Saturday October 05, 2002 18:17:46 GMT


Thanks to all who worked on the Hof Reunion,you really did an outstanding job. Everything was
well organized, enjoyed all the tours. THANKS.  My wife is from Hof and we go back often but this
time was really special.

Name: Dean C. Thompson

Date:  Thursday October 10, 2002 19:58:47 GMT


Stationed in Hof: 1957-60 with the 602nd AC&W as a Radar Mechanic.  Those who could not
make the Reunion in Hof Sept. 2002 certainly missed a real Happening. Thanks to all those
who's efforts paid off in many happy people and much respect for both Germans and Americans
who gave so much of their time to make this a lasting memory for so many of us.

Name: Gordon M. Schultz

Date:  Friday October 11, 2002 04:27:33 GMT


I was stationed at Hof with the 6915th (Baker Flt) from June 64 to December 66. Nothing but
great memories - great friends, schnitzel, lots of beer, poker at the NCO club, Jake's (lot's of
cognac & coke), the Eis Cafe, and travel all over southern Germany. My wife, Margaret and I
finally went back to visit this past June, just before the reunion. Sorry I didn't get wind of this site
until just a couple of days ago. Would have been great to renew old friendships and trade stories.
Hope to join the festivities at the next one.

Name: Barbara Chapman

Date:  Saturday October 12, 2002 16:28:46 GMT


Thanks to everyone who worked on the Hof Reunion. Had a lot of fun. Met friends I hadn't seen
since 1969. Hope to see more friends in Vegas.

Name: Jim Patterson

Date:  Sunday October 13, 2002 15:55:54 GMT


I just had one of the greatest experiences of my life. I went home to HOF with alot of my fellow
GIs. It was the best reunion I have attented so far. There has been much change in Hof over those
43years that I`ve been gone, but I could still feel the closeness between us and our German
allies. Chuck and Monika as always have done an outstanding job again.I also want to thank all of
you who contributed to and attented this reunion. You are what makes these things click. We love
you all. Looking foreward to our Lost Wages Reunion in 03. Jim and Eadie Patterson


Date:  Sunday October 13, 2002 20:07:22 GMT


Assigned to the 6915th (A Flt)May 64-May 67 291X0. Have viewed some of the master roster
and have seen many names I remember and then can now remember some of the names I didn't
see. John A. Faith of personnel dept, Edmund Baydna (spouse) of Carole Baydna listed in list,
Donald Griswold, Billy G. Mann who worked for me. More names may come to me later. Thanks
C.S. Russell for putting me onto this site.

Name: Jack Hayes

Date:  Monday October 14, 2002 00:21:57 GMT


I got to Hof on the day after Christmas, 1965. Christmas day in Rhein Main transient
quarters,don't ya know? I remained only until Feb, 1967. Got married to Irmgard Seifert (from
Martinsreuth, a very small villiage near Konradsreuth) in November of 1966. I was sent to
Scheinfurt, FRG to work with the Army. Since it was only 160 KM from Hof, I was at the Erika Bar
isiting with Jake every chance I got. Marriage didn't last but 20 years, but the friendship will last
forever. I have many fond memories of the time I spent at Hof. My daughter was born there in the
Krankenhaus, as well. I was like the proverbial bad penny, turning up in Hof many times up until
about 1976. Wish I could've made the reunion in Hof.

Name: Jackie Heller

Date:  Saturday October 19, 2002 20:36:20 GMT


I was on "Charley Trick" from Nov.64 - Aug. 66. in the ELINT section. I had often thought about
Hof and the guys that I had served with. But I never dreamed that C.A. Russel would call me one
day and ask me if I had served in Hof with the 6915th. That's how I found out about the web site
and reunion. I couldn't make this reunion but my wife and I plan to be in Las Vegas in "03". I am
married with a son and a daughter and three grandchildren. I live in Scottdale, Pa. (about 40
miles southeast Pittsburgh) and I operate a Car Wash for a living.

Name: Thomas (Mick) Mikloiche

Date:  Monday October 28, 2002 21:01:33 GMT


Was stationed in Hof from 1965 to 68 in the 6915th Security Police. Did Radar site duty until I
married Ingrid Krolkiewicz from Helmbrechts in 1967 and did TOWN PATROL with the German
Police until I was sent to Idaho in late 68. Still married after 35 PLUS years and have been back
several times but missed this years reunion.... Still looking for several buddies from the
Security/Air Police of the 6915th !!!

Name: Jerry OCarroll

Date:  Thursday October 31, 2002 00:50:46 GMT


Was in the 606 from 1969-1972. Worked in ESC at D'Berg. Lot's of great memories

Name: Jerry OCarroll

Date:  Thursday October 31, 2002 00:51:04 GMT


Was in the 606 from 1969-1972. Worked in ESC at D'Berg. Lot's of great memories

Name: John Gauthier

Date:  Thursday October 31, 2002 00:51:39 GMT


I was in the 6915th on Able Flight from 1965-67. When Chuck called me last night I was
immediately flooded with great memories too numerous to mention about the site, the town and
Jake's "Ericka Bar" where alot of us seemed to spend a great deal of time. I keep a few photos
handy (lost alot of them)of some of the guys like Mike Becker and Gordie Allbritton and his wife
Monika. Rich Fry, Duke DeLuca, Dick McComb, John Kulik, Sid Miedema, Mike Scanlon, Tom
Davala, Roger Pressler and others that I apologize for temporarily forgetting. I would love to hear
from you.

Name: Ken Hager

Date:  Saturday November 09, 2002 03:45:17 GMT


294x0 from jan 1962 to June 1965 - stsrted at Old Site, moved to New Site and then reassigned
to Dobra for most of tour. REALLY enjoyed the stay in Hof and have always wished I could have
gone back.

Name: Gary Cherpes

Date:  Tuesday November 26, 2002 20:17:45 GMT


Anyone that did not go back to Germany for our reunion sure missed the best reunion ever. A
special thanks to Monika the Chef for pampering us, the waitresses who put up with us and
Sandra Franz & Kessy at the front desk. You should really consider going to Las Vegas this
coming Oct 6th to 10th. You will not live forever and just seeing each other again or for the first
time in a long time is what living is all about. Thanks Chuck & Monika for making this grow and
P. S. I was part of the 602nd AC&W from 1957-1960 in radar maintenance.

Name: Jerry Hampshire

Date:  Thursday November 28, 2002 02:25:31 GMT


I am an old 609th TCS guy 1976-79. See www.hogmania.com for our site. I am looking for
C.T.(Tom)Bryant who was a ham radio operator at Det. 2 602 ACW RON during August 1957. I
have something that belongs to him and I would like to return it to hom or one of his friends. It is a
radio QSL card he sent while on duty there.


Date:  Wednesday December 18, 2002 02:18:57 GMT


Served in 6915th security group as a Russian linguist on baker trick from May 1968 thru May
1970. Have kept in touch with some of my collegues, but have been looking for a web site like
this. Hope to make the reunion next fall.

Name: Helga Haese

Date:  Wednesday December 25, 2002 21:37:16 GMT


I was at Hof AS from Nov 64 - Feb 72 with the 1945th Comm Sq, as an Administrative
Assistant/Translator. Then at Doebraberg with Operating Location Alpha, 1946 Comm Sq until
May 83. Due to reduction in force I got transferred to the Army an am now working at Bamberg in
the Legal Office.

Name: Jim Luther

Date:  Monday December 30, 2002 20:18:06 GMT


Was assigned to the 6915th from 61 - 63 as a 292X2. Did not really have a job there but spent
most of my time in "TGN4" copying UPS broad casts. Really enjoyed my time in Hof

Name: Jim Helfer

Date:  Wednesday January 08, 2003 15:44:00 GMT


I was with the 6915th from November 1961 to November 1964. Worked mostly on Charlie Trick
as a German linguist (-A). We were still working in the old trailers when I got there.


Date:  Monday January 13, 2003 16:08:17 GMT


was not assigned but a civilian, my dad Charles E Batte was assigned to the 606th, I worked in
the BX and NCO Club was there from 67-70, Married Gal from Hof (Monika Schiel) Had two
daughter born in Frankfurt and Heidleberg, Ret. From army in 93, still remenber some of you all
as J Beard, hope to hear from some of you I loved it in Hof.

Name: Lew Forsyth

Date:  Saturday January 18, 2003 06:01:20 GMT


Stationed at Hof, 6915th Scty Gp from Halloween of'65 until April '69 - Finance Office. Worked
for Chuck Booth and best friends with Ken Grasser (he married Carmen in '67 and now lives in
Indiana). I got out of the Air Force in December of '69 and vowing never to work for the Gov't
again I signed on as a civilian accountant with the Air Force at Elmendorf (Anchorage, AK) in
1970. Transferred over to US Customs in 1971 as a Sky Marshal and then became a criminal
investigator/Special Agent in '72. Eventually assigned to Wahington, D.C., Japan and Thailand
as Asst. Customs Attache. Retired in 1999 - now I golf, scuba dive and enjoy my grandchildren
(single again after 3 marriages) but enjoying life every day. Looking forward to making the next
Hof Reunion.

Name: Harold D. & Alyne B. Jones

Date:  Sunday January 26, 2003 01:07:50 GMT


I, my wife, and three children: Kenneth L., Stephen W., Debbie Lollar, was there (6915) from Jan
63 to Jan 66.  I was NCOIC TS Control--I shipped the "stuff."

Name: Don Riverkamp

Date:  Thursday January 30, 2003 18:47:04 GMT


I was with the 6915th from Jun 65 until Jun 68. Worked in orderly room and then NCOIC TS
Conrol..guess I replaced Jones..Played softball with great bunch of guys. Chet Carrigan, Tony
Cameron, Randy Fitzhugh, John Reeves, Leonard Mack, Jim Hepler, and more. Made great
friends with Ott Hoyle, Ken Putman, Mack Meredith, Richard Johnson, and many more. Look
forward to seeing some old friends in Vegas in October 2003. I live in Austin, Texas... DON

Name: James D. Shepp aka Jim or Shep

Date:  Tuesday February 04, 2003 22:57:56 GMT


I was station at the 6915th as a 294x0 from dec 67 to Jul 70. Curtailed for a 6 mo classified tdy.
Loved Hof, unable to make the reunion last year but will be in Vegas. Still in touch with some of
my cohorts from Charlie flight.

Name: Dean C. Thompson

Date:  Monday February 10, 2003 20:59:06 GMT


Hof 1957-60 602AC&W Radar Maintenance----
Having a mini-reunion at my house in Texas as a warmup for the Las Vegas Bash in Oct. Anyone
and everyone who can make it is invited to "Outdoor Cookout and Story Telling Event" March 29,
2003 (and probably 30th also)
Dean C Thompson
2111 S Park Ave.
Denison, Texas 75020-7171
Pho. 903-465-0135
Don't have any beds left but if you have a camper I have the room (12.5 acres) plenty of motels
here also. Looking forward to seeing as many as can make it. I have them coming from
California, Michigan, and Houston, Tx.

Name: Alfred J. Theriault

Date:  Saturday February 22, 2003 12:47:38 GMT


I was in Hof from 1957 to 1959, 602nd.

Name: Charles Batte

Date:  Thursday March 06, 2003 05:44:03 GMT


I'm glad that Jim was able to find me after going through a lot of people with the same name. I
would have sworn before that that I was the only Charles Batte in existance. I was stationed with
the 606th on Dobraberg from June 1967 through August 1970. My entire family loved it there, in
fact my daughter, Jo, attended Hof's Hochschule (I hope that's how you spell it) our last year there
instead of going to Nurnberg's American High School. I hope to make the Las Vegas reunion,
and will if at all possible.


Date:  Thursday April 03, 2003 20:24:13 GMT



Name: Jim Pattillo

Date:  Tuesday April 22, 2003 02:51:19 GMT


I was stationed at Hof from early 1965 to Sept 1967. Worked as a 203 on Dog Trick and later in
TGN4 with Charlie Epperson. Lt Burkhartsmeier was our Trick Officer.  Couldn't believe that
there was Hof Reunion website! Really enjoyed the pictures. Especially the one of Bob Wetzel as
the AP on the Main Gate. Hope to hear from some of the old Dog Trick guys.

Name: Bob Oden

Date:  Tuesday April 22, 2003 15:22:19 GMT


Stationed at Hof Air Station form 1964 to early 1968. Ground Communications Repairman with
the 6915th. Married a local girl at the Hof Rathaus (still happily married here in South Lake
Tahoe, California).

Name: Greg & Sandy Krcma

Date:  Wednesday April 23, 2003 05:19:09 GMT


Stationed at Hof Air Station July 1968 to June 1971 assigned to 7307USAF Disp. in support of
the 6915 Security Gp, 606 AC & W and the Army Troups who patroled the border. Many Many
happy memories

Name: Shirley Wood (spouse of Woody)

Date:  Saturday April 26, 2003 04:37:20 GMT


I don't remember the organization Woody was with...but we were in Hof from Feb. 1967 - Jan.
1970. I have such fond memories of Hof and would love to hear from any of you who remember
Woody. I am sorry to say he passed away in July 1995. I am enjoying our three sons and my

Name: Richard Kreuzer

Date:  Sunday June 15, 2003 22:46:44 GMT


Assigned to the 6915th RSM February 1958 to June 1961. Worked as a German linguist.
Consider these some of the best years of my life. Have been back, briefly, twice -- in 1968 and
1993. Still consider Hof a second home. Studied more German in college and then decided on a
career in medicine. Graduated from U of M Medical School in 1968. Served as USAF Flight
Surgeon in the Michigan Air National Guard from 1972 until 1998. Hope to recognize some
familiar names when I get a copy of the "Master Hof Roster". Thanks to CA Russell for his phone
call early this year.

Name: Van Conway

Date:  Friday July 04, 2003 18:08:36 GMT


Was in Hof in Det 5, 6910th RGM from Dec 58 to Closing and Installation of 6915th RSM and
stayed until Aug 1962. Was in Photo Lavb entire time ther. Worked in Comm Center on Charlie
and Dawg Shifts. So nice to see EDmail from Charlie Capps (sent him one. Would love to hear
from YOU.

Name: Jim Taylor

Date:  Monday July 07, 2003 22:27:49 GMT


The BEH goes on


Date:  Friday July 11, 2003 23:24:48 GMT



Name: Lance B. Peterson

Date:  Saturday July 19, 2003 23:39:40 GMT


Stationed at 6915th, "Cain and Able" 3/1962 to 5/1963. Easily the best time I had in USAF
(other tour was Samsun). Still in contact with some friends from Hof, we had a great time. After
reading the guest books I find I recognize only a few names, must be old age, thought I knew
everyone. Happily retired from Gov't and live on the island I grew up on in Florida. Great Site.

Name: Thomas (Mick) Mikloiche

Date:  Monday July 21, 2003 09:57:44 GMT


Hof 6915th SECURITY POLICE 1965-68 -
Delayed Posting as I am still remembering the "GOOD TIMES"
BEH - you may be gone but you will CERTAINALLY" NEVER BE FORGOTTON - Your just
reporting to a HIGHER" ranking officer in HEAVEN !!

Name: Peg Newman Capps

Date:  Monday July 21, 2003 17:01:33 GMT


I listed myself as Peg Newman Capps although it is now
actually Peg Capps Newman. We were in Hof in about 1959 - Capt. Miller was the Commander -
married there and my son Michael was born there. Would love to hear from anyone who was
there at the same time.

Name: Betty Lindic

Date:  Thursday July 24, 2003 22:24:30 GMT


I'm trying to locate "lost friends" stationed at HOF AS, 1969-1971. Larry was AF, assigned to the
dispensary, regret to tell you he died in 2001. I worked in the AS snack bar as a cashier. If
anyone knows where Phyllis and Gordy (can't remember their last name),Charles (Chuck)
Shearer, admin at the dispensary & his wife Lori, or Sadie & Walt Farmer are, please let me
know. I think often of HOF, our military & German friends.......I wish you happiness.

Name: Gary Moon

Date:  Sunday August 17, 2003 15:24:08 GMT


As most everyone that was at Hof - It was a great experience. I was with the 602 ACW Sq from
69 to 63. I have not been able to come to a reunion do mostly the job I have. I have been in Hof
and Germany several times since leaving. I wish I could come to the reunion this year. It would be
wonderful to see friends.

Name: Joe Eberhardt

Date:  Sunday August 17, 2003 16:09:49 GMT


I was in Hof from '61 to'64. Intermediate school in '64, and back to Hof 'till '68. Fondest memories
of my tours there. Married in Vienna. My son was born in the Krankenhaus. My older daughter
was born in the kinder krankenhaus in Bayreuth.

Couldn't make Hof reunion in '02. Bad ticker. Got that straightened away, so anticipating Vegas
in October.  Saw some names I remember in the guestbook. Gauthier, Henderson, and others.  
Hope to see you all in October.

Name: Jey D. Sommer

Date:  Sunday August 17, 2003 22:19:09 GMT


My bride, Helen and I were asigned to the 606th AC&W Sq during the period 1963-66. What can
I say; great people, great job, great local national friends and neighbors. Just can't get any beter
than that. We plan to go back to Hof someday.

Name: Garrett "Gary" Dempsey

Date:  Monday August 18, 2003 18:54:51 GMT


Was Czech linguist (20330-E, if I still remember it the right way)on Dog Flight, 6915 RSM, from
'60-'63, with such great guys as Jay Campbell, Frank Soltes, Tom McKinney, Lonnie Henderson
and Van Conway (from Crypto Comms.) Now that I've stuck my neck out and taken on the job of
your Assoc. historian, I thought it was ABOUT TIME that I signed the guest book. I've always been
meaning to do it, but just never did. Had plenty of great times, and hope you can share yours with
me. By the way, has anybody been in touch with Mike Clarke from Pittsburgh? We had lots of
"discussions" about the relative merits of the Pirates vs. Yankees. Or should I say
"debates"?--Gary D.

Name: Lonnie Henderson

Date:  Sunday August 31, 2003 12:10:24 GMT


I was really looking forward to seeing many old friends (old because I knew them many years go,
not old because they are now old); however circumstances dictate that I will be unable to attend.
Jay Campbell and Garrett Dempsey were my roommates in the early '60s in Hof. Jay, do you
remember that 1950 VW we bought together? The black one with the yellow stripe down the
sides? The one somebody with absolutely no taste stole from us?
You guys all have fun in 'Vegas and maybe I'll see ya at the next one.

Name: Joe Ameling

Date:  Sunday September 14, 2003 22:20:45 GMT


Stationed in Hof 67-70 worked in supply and housing when I wasn't traveling around Germany
bowling. I captined the Hof Air Station traveling bowling for a few years. Also secretaried the
Mens Hdcp League on Weds,Thurs and Friday. In 1969 I was the all Europe Singles Bowling
champion. Hof was good.

Name: Robert J. Pottle

Date:  Wednesday September 17, 2003 17:04:57 GMT


I was at Hof from March 1969 to December 1970. I was a sergeant, 294x0, with Baker trick for
over a year, and then was assigned to Dog trick, as 294's were being shipped out due to the
supposedly shut down of the site due to budget cuts. I remember Jim Aue(linguist), Dave
Romero(294x0), Dave Baier(294x0), Dean Lautzenheiser(294x0), Chuck Beard(294x0), Mike
Spence(OIC), Steve Cuellar(294x0), and Lt. Bacon(OIC). My wife Cathy worked at the base
nursery during my time there. We lived at Aussere Bayreuther Strasse 5 off base.

Name: Stephen Gore (Baby Huey)

Date:  Friday September 19, 2003 19:33:11 GMT


I served in the 6915th Security Group at HOF from 1967 to 1970. Played lead guitar in the band
"The Soul Advisors" and was a bartender for two years in the NCO club. Played on the base
softball team. Duty was base data processing. Many fond memories and would encourage any
old friends who run across this to email me.

Name: Stuart Bowling

Date:  Friday September 26, 2003 20:50:24 GMT


I was in Hof during 1964-1966. I have not returned. I plan to someday soon. I have a friend from
Dresden...not too far away now, but the end of the earth in '65. Plan to attend the Dresdener
Stadtjubiläum 2006 an hope to include Hof.

Name: Craig M. Miller

Date:  Tuesday September 30, 2003 21:12:53 GMT


I was billeted in Hof from Sept. 1964 to Sept. 1967.  I was with the 606th AC&W Squadron
whose site was at Doebraberg.

Name: Alois Dietz

Date:  Thursday October 16, 2003 23:26:01 GMT


Gruess Gott,
I belonged to the small German Air Force Contingent (Operations), that was assigned to the
602nd during 1959 to learn everything about radar. Tried to establish contacts with some of the
old gang, however, without success. I am looking forward to renew hopefully on this way the
excellent relations to USAF friends and comrades that we had more than 40 years ago in
Kingsley Barracks and in Killdeer. I would be grateful to hearing from those who remember me, I
was called "Ali", some Americans also called me "Herman the German".

Name: A. Archie Emery

Date:  Friday October 17, 2003 18:51:12 GMT


Was in Hof 7-62 to 7-64 on "C" trick as 294. Currently live in Nashville, TN. Just returned from
Las Vegas reunion. Had a ball talking with some of the guys. Hope to make San Antonio to see
some of the ones who didn't make this one, like Doug Gieben and Bill Inge.

Name: Louis Rocha

Date:  Thursday October 30, 2003 19:28:19 GMT


Assigned 65915

Name: Louis Rocha

Date:  Thursday October 30, 2003 19:34:00 GMT


Assigned 6915th Jun62-Jun65.Worked ELINT analysis on ABLE Flight and then in MISSION
CONTROL for remainder of tour. Retired as CMS Apr77 with 30yrs. Hof was one of the better
assignments in my career. Attended a great reunion in Las Vegas. Looking forward to the next

Name: Tim Spaeth

Date:  Thursday November 13, 2003 01:48:01 GMT


Stationed with the 6915th A(ble)trick from December 66 to July 69. Enjoyed my tour in Hof and
have gone back to visit several times but it has been awhile. Married a girl from Helmbrechts and
had one daughter born in the Hof krankenhaus. Marriage didn't last. Currently living in Atlanta,
Georgia woriking as a business officer at an art college. Hopefully, I'll be able to attend a reunion
so I can reimnesnce with others about Jake's, the Ranch Bar (where the taxi cab driver took us
on our first night in Hof), the Silver Spindle and other places whose names I have forgotten.

Name: Kenneth Underwood

Date:  Wednesday November 26, 2003 01:32:02 GMT


I was stationed at Hof/ Doebraberg from October 1966 until june 1969. I was in radar
maintenance for the 606AC&W. Loved it. I still remember working Mids the night in July 68 when
the Russians invaded Chechoslovakia. and the Scope was full of targets only 5 klicks away.
Spent lots of time at the ranch bar, Jakes, Schutzenhaus. I know i'm late finding this site but if it is
still visited by anyone I would love to hear from them. I also spent my first 3 months in Germany in
the 602 AC&W at Gieblestadt just outside of Wurzburg. I hope to get back someday for a visit
Ken Underwood

Name: Bob Zeisloft

Date:  Friday December 12, 2003 18:58:59 GMT


Served with the 6915th RSM/RGM October 1965 to February 1968, a 203X1-1 (Russian Voice)
on Able Flight, Interaction and Radiotelephone sections. Was also barracks Floor Chief (head
janitor & first floor concierge) for those who relish their GI Party memories. Browsing the Master
Roster and photo albums triggered vivid recollections of almost everyone I knew in Hof. Wonder,
though, what has become of some fellow 203's not accounted for here: Thomas "Chester"
Bowles (-A/German) and Brian Moynihan (-1), both ex-roommates and "Pokers" in Phil Ruth's I/A
shop, Phil (Mr. D/F) Osborne and Karl Johnson (-1's), Ron Nichols (-E/Czech), R/T Supervisor
Ronald Buck, Flight NCOIC David Tucker, and the off-Kaserne marrieds (who never made it onto
my weekly latrine duty rosters) Rudy Lind and Greg McCassey, among others.

Name: Walt Murch

Date:  Sunday December 21, 2003 00:45:46 GMT


Reading all this brought back fond memories of my years there 1962-1963 -- the area, the
travels, the wine, the beer. Was assigned dog flight as a 203x1. When I left Hof I went into the
AECP and got commissioned in 1966, then went to Rome NY and worked with the GLR66
development and other stuff. I finally retired in 1983 in Albuquerque and have been working for
SAIC - a science and engineering company - since.

Name: Craig Taylor

Date:  Wednesday December 24, 2003 03:25:00 GMT


I was assigned to the 602nd, OL 1 from Jan 1962 - Oct 1963 and again from Apr 1967 - Mar
1970 with the 6915th. I was a vehicle mech and worked out at the old site with Chesney,
Conners, Duffy, Fucomoto, Gurley, Jensen, Doucette, Reed and Roy Boggs. Watson was my
boss then. When I returned in 67 with the 15th I worked for Padden on the Kasern. I was looking
at the HONOR ROLL and see some of my old friends; it brought back some good memories. Oh,
I suppose I should say that I also worked with Robbie(Robinson) during my first tour.

Thanks for the memories.
Craig Taylor, USAF, SMSgt(Ret)

Name: Bill H. Landers

Date:  Sunday December 28, 2003 01:55:51 GMT


I was stationed at Hof with the 6915th Security Group (JA)from June 1967 until June 1970.

Name: Richard Russell

Date:  Sunday January 04, 2004 19:30:46 GMT


203 on baker 63-65. Dodge, Yarnall, Papke, Mundon, Otey and Harpold were roommates.

Name: Larry Dossey

Date:  Thursday February 05, 2004 21:32:14 GMT


Was 'rad linguist I believe delta shift -- knew Bill Higins, Robert Noll and Zimmmer - could make
the last reunion due to conflicting schedule but hope to make the next my son has pushed me on
to the net so I hope to hear from other who were their and had fun in the Erika bar.

Name: Robert J. Pottle

Date: Tuesday February 10, 2004 02:52:03 GMT


This is the second time that I've signed the guest book. I was a 294x0 in the 6915th from March
1969 through November 1970. I was on Baker trick, then Dog trick. I remember playing
intramural flag football and basketball at the base, and also remember midnight movies at the
base theatre. I did some temporary duty at the Dobraberg radar station with Sgt. Harry Hinchey. I
remember Sgt. Kenneth McGillick on Dog trick and Sgt. Jackie Foster, Lt. Marion Bacon, and
Roger Oelke on Baker trick. Steve and Patricia Cuellar were good friends with my wife, Cathy,
and me. Steve and Patricia were from Onalaska, Wisconsin. I also remember Steve Siegfried, a
security policeman, who married a german woman named Gertrude. They were good friends of
ours, and I think that Steve was from Akron, Ohio.