VOLUME 2  MAY 2002 - AUG 2002
Name: Terry Sweeney (SMSgt, USAF, Ret)

Date:  Friday May 10, 2002 14:04:26 GMT


Jan 66 - Apr 67, Jul 68 - Mar 70, "Charlie" Flight at Ops both tours.

Name: D D Gibson

Date:  Friday May 10, 2002 15:35:15 GMT


Sep 62-Feb 65, 6915th

Name: Steve Lawrence

Date:  Saturday May 11, 2002 22:12:32 GMT


This is a very nice start. Wish there were more 6915th Security Group support folks here. I was
A1C to SSgt., NCOIC, Public Information Office with service dates in Hof from late 1967 to
mid-1971. The place sure has changed since then!

Name: Gerald (Jerry ) Decker

Date:  Monday May 13, 2002 12:11:19 GMT


Hof 56-59 Air Police enjoyed the second photo (Hof winter scene) That is the church where my
wife and I were married

Name: Ray Agee

Date:  Wednesday May 15, 2002 03:33:38 GMT


I remember the cold snowy Jan 5, 1963 night at Hof when two 2nd AC Troopers met me at the
banhof and took me by jeep to the kaserne. Hey - where's the Air Force greeting crew? I was one
of the early 7307th USAF Disp people and had just come up from Livorno, Italy. The best times
were as the original drummer as an honorary Charlie Tricker with Don Bodiker, Bob Hutchins,
and Jim Stevens in the newly formed Valkyries. Later we added Mack and Jim Taylor. Retired
after 20 years after finally getting cross-trained into Public Affairs. Spent a war at Cam Rahn Bay
with Charlie Carn (602nd Medic); he at the hosp and me in 7th Air Force Combat News. First
marriage failed and now celebrating 29 years with Juanita (4 kids and 6 grandkids). Also spent
15 years teaching high school. See you in 'Vegas. Maybe the Valkyries will play 50s rock again!

Name: James L. Haney

Date:  Thursday May 16, 2002 21:35:47 GMT


I was at Hof aprox. October 1962 through October 1965. I was assigned to the 6915th on Dog
Flight. Hope some of you guys drop me a line.

Name: Charlie Schriver

Date:  Friday May 17, 2002 14:55:14 GMT


In the 6915th 1963-65, worked Charlie Flt. Roommates were CA Russell, Charlie Bedell, Paul
Holmgren and Stan Heath. Went 2T to Samsun. Worked parttime in the Bowling Alley, Stan
Heath worked in Base Theater, we were both working the night President Kennedy was shot and
we had to shut down both places when we got the word the President had died. Anyone there at
that time will remember the somber atmosphere in Hof for the next two weeks. Stayed in 21
years and retired in 1983. Married a nurse from Berlin in 1973 and she died of breast cancer in
1994. Married again in 1996 to a lady I had met in Peshawar, Pakistan in 1967. She was with
her missionary parents in Pakistan. Retired from civilian accounting career in 1996. I am now a
member of the Professional Bowlers Association and travel the eastern part of the USA bowling
in PBA events.

Name: Russ Breighner

Date:  Wednesday May 22, 2002 01:53:49 GMT


May, 1961-Sept. 1962; Dog flight; Russian linguist; short tour with base civil engineer's (Maj
Bowen) office as German interpreter; retired from Defense Intelligence Agency, 1995; one of four
Cat III test operators during ANGLR-1construction; wonderful weekends spent cruising
countryside with sports car group; at the base movie the night Bill Mazorowski and the Pirates
stopped the Yankees for the Series title!

Name: George Ballinger

Date:  Wednesday May 22, 2002 15:05:15 GMT


Assigned to 6915th June 65 through June 68. Worked in Ops.
Initially on Baker flight then in EXP-2 on days.

Name: John G, Rafferty

Date:  Monday May 27, 2002 01:48:01 GMT


Just found out about this organization today. I was with the 6915th from mid 63 to mid 65 before
2Ting to Trabzon Turkey. Hof was better!! I know I won't make the Hof reunion, but might make it
to Vegas next year. I've spent the last 36 years doing lots of jobs, mostly sales, and living in the
midwest, mostly Chicago area, and Indianapolis area. Been remarried for twenty years this year
and get my best moments visiting the grandkids. I haven't even joined this organization yet, so
will get on with that process.

Name: Paul Olsen

Date:  Thursday May 30, 2002 14:47:29 GMT


What a wonderful experience it was for me to be stationed at Hof, Germany (Mar.'65 thru Apr.'67)
with such a fine group of guys. Seeing the photos of people I served with and places visited is a
thrill. It brings it all back as though it were yesterday. Thanks for the memories! I will not be able to
make the reunion this time but I hope to some day.

Name: Inge M. Hartness

Date:  Monday June 03, 2002 15:04:16 GMT


Met and married Zeb W. Hartness while he was assigned to 602 Airbase at Hof. He was a
medic and is now deceased. If anyone served with him or knows me please contact me as soon
as possible.

Name: Ron Godin

Date:  Monday June 03, 2002 23:54:01 GMT


I was at Hof from 1967 to 1970. I was in the maintenance group taking care of all the electronics
there. Any ECM techs out there?

Name: Bill Buschur

Date:  Wednesday June 05, 2002 01:07:24 GMT


602 from 1961-1964. Had almost forgotten that period of my life, although Hof was a great place
to be in the 60's.Great to review the roster and see names of old friends like Tony Donofrio,Don
Chesney,Bob Alekson,Keith Martin. Sorry to see Paul Doucette passed on. I retired in 1996 from
the computer industry, living on a resort island off the coast of South Carolina. I have a son who is
a C-17 pilot and a daughter married to an F-15 pilot.

Name: Jerry McClure

Date:  Wednesday June 05, 2002 11:17:48 GMT


Czech Linguist, 6915 B-flight, winter of 63 till fall of 66. Did LOTS of carousing, mostly at Jake's.
Had some scrapes with AP's, German cops, other assorted victims. I'm told there's a sort of
legend about a bridge. Tried hard to live that one down. No longer the reckless youth you may
remember, I got married, had a couple of great kids, helped my wife raise them, got VERY fat,
and am now quite tame. I remember those days with a lot of fondness, especially for the good
friends that I had the privilege to serve with. If you've a mind to, send me an E-mail. I live in a
small town now on the Ohio River in the WV panhandle.


Date:  Wednesday June 05, 2002 12:24:47 GMT


I was in the 6915th "B" Flight 63-66 and imagine my surprise when there in the guestbook ahead
of me again is Gerald "Batmac" McClure. I am looking forward to sprechin with other out of the
past and if I win the Texas Lottery I'll see ya'll in Hof in September.

Name: pat fisher

Date:  Wednesday June 05, 2002 22:01:11 GMT


I was a Czech linguist with the 6915th from early '62 until Sept of '65. I really miss the fun that we
all had over there, seems like there are more stories to tell than there is time. I have some dirt on
about everybody, if anyone is interested, and lots of pictures. I did sit in with the Valkyries a
couple of times so that Agee could go get another cognac, or Jim Stevens could take a break.
Have pictures of that too, if the band guys are interested. I seem to be the only one that didn't
marry a German girl...hmmm. Will try to make it to the reunion as i was planning on going over in
October anyway and moving that up a month shouldn't be a problem. Bis Schpater (sp?)

Name: Wesley Hedges

Date:  Sunday June 09, 2002 16:59:10 GMT


I was stationed at Hof during '63-'66 in Civil Engineering (located above the Commisary).  I was
already married so didn't get to party with the single guys. We did travel extensively and have lots
of black & white prints and color slides of Europe and Great Britain, including quite a few of Hof.
Am in process of scanning my albums and will share if anyone is interested. Would love to hear
from any support troops. (My other tours were in OPS but this time I ended up in support. Began
as Russian linguist, voluntarily cross-trained to analyst then involuntarily cross-trained to admin.
Go figure.) Currently living in San Antonio. Also looking for anyone from 6937th from '60-'61 or
Key West

Name: Gary Cherpes

Date:  Wednesday June 12, 2002 10:45:03 GMT


I was in Radar Maintenance of the 602nd from Aug 1957 to Aug 1960..Found many of the troops
in that era, still trying to find Russ (Tank) Campbell, Amedeo (Tony) Amato & Astor (Stretch) E.
Francis Jr. If anyone neeed a list of those found please e-mail me.

Name: Joseph Olenik

Date:  Wednesday June 12, 2002 19:52:28 GMT


Chuck told me about the last reunion at Hof and I couldn't wait to attend this one! I was in Hof
from Sep '61 to about Aug '63. I was, and still am, in ELINT. I was assigned to Able Flight while I
was there and spent the last year of my tour at Dobraburg with seven other guys who were
assigned to Radar. It was an unforgetable time for me. I couldn't believe that some people would
spend their days there marking off their calenders until they could return to the world. Being there
WAS being in the world and I am looking forward to seeing some old friends and sharing some
old war stories.

Name: Harry Crisman

Date:  Thursday June 13, 2002 04:00:13 GMT


I was with the 6915th in Hof from 57 to 60,I worked in the motorpool as a mechanic, My nickname
was Criss.

Name: Jim Beard

Date:  Thursday June 13, 2002 21:32:39 GMT


I was in the Air Force AC&W at Dobraberg from 1967 to 1970, living at Lerchenhugel by
Swartzenbach Wald. I was a Ground Radio Technician. I still remember the day with about 3 1/2
feet of snow covering the road into the village and my wife was having a miscarriage and I called
to get a snow plow to help us get out. Within an hour, two bus loads of troups, an ambulance, and
a snow plow arrived, embarrassing my wife and scaring the hell of the the people in the small
village. They thought it was the start of WW III.

Name: John "Al" Johnson

Date:  Saturday June 15, 2002 18:14:18 GMT


Was a 203 in Charlie flight of 6915 from spring of 69 thru August 71. Learned how to drink,
smoke and chase women in my "second home", a little bar downtown. Slowed down a lot since
then, but not before catching one and raising two daughters. Settled back here in east Texas.
Any HAMs in this group? I'm N5CMM, General, working on Extra. 73s

Name: Bill Ward

Date:  Sunday June 16, 2002 14:32:04 GMT


I was with the 7307 USAF Disp. (Pharmacy) from July 63 To July 67. Retired from the Air Force
in 1980 at Patrick AFB. Now live in Port St.John,Fl near Cocoa,Fl.

Name: Stephen Murphrey

Date:  Monday June 17, 2002 02:55:43 GMT


I was in Charlie flight from 1963 to 1965. I was transferred to England (as a clerk/typist - amazing
what 20 WPM will get you into) for my final 9 months after the staff reduction in 1965. I'm looking
forward to the reunion in September, and I hope to see a few people I remember. Too bad we
cannot go to the Erika Bar, any more. I wonder if the Scherdel brewery is still in business? I'm
looking forward to sipping a Pilsener, Helles, and Weizenbier with some old friends in

Name: Bill Smith

Date:  Thursday June 20, 2002 22:44:02 GMT


One of the great places I was stationed, except for my working hours. Worst schedule, other than
conflict/war places. Nevertheless, I did enjoy every aspect of location and people (germans &
americans). Tried to return, but base closed. Tour date (12/66 - 12/69). Probaly not many at site
or base may remember me, as I worked in crypto communications center at site. My wife's name
is Linda and we had three poodles (silver, apricot, and white), drove a MGB (red). Spent 24
years in USAF.

Name: Miles W.Nelson

Date:  Friday June 21, 2002 01:36:59 GMT


Stationed at Hof 11/61 to 10/64, "Charlie" flight. Roomates were Carl Smith, '62, Bob Starr,'62,
Richard Delp, 63, Steve Vroman,'64, Dick Berry,'65.  Discharged 10/64, McGuire AFB, N.J.
Now living in K.C., Mo. area. Private Security, Senior Officer, Osteopathic Medical University in
K.C. Married 25 years, 4 children, 6 grandchildren.

Name: Michael Skowronski

Date:  Tuesday June 25, 2002 12:07:57 GMT


I was originally at Bingen (6912 RSM) then transferred to Hof in December 1967. It was a snowy
drive to Hof in that Month. Roomed with Bill Stephens and one other (name gone).married a
lovely woman. Get back to Hof almost on an annual basis. Have many wonder memories. Times
have certainly changed the place in many ways. Greatest excitement though was after the
wall,and curtain came down and was able to visit those "forbidden" areas in former East Zone.
Another memory was Club's visit to local brewery. Seems we had the BrauMeister over to the
Club every Friday attempting to get him drunk. He got us high at his brewery. Another high light is
driving very near to the border to get a piano for the club. Hi to everyone.

Name: Jack Patterson

Date:  Thursday June 27, 2002 05:08:44 GMT


I was stationed at Hof from may 1969 until october 1973. A great place to be stationed.

Name: Arnold Angel

Date:  Friday June 28, 2002 20:11:04 GMT


I was stationed at the Doebraberg Radar Site from May of 1963 until April of 1966. I and my
family lived most of that time in Swarzenbach Am Wald which is a small town up near the
mountian. I have lots of memories of Germany, but have not thought much about it in years. I am
glad to have this web site available so that I might contact some of the people that I knew while
there. I have already talked to Ronnie Robie, and I welcome e-mail from others who might
remember me. I look forward to the reunion in Las Vegas. I also plan to travel to Hof cometime in
the next couple of years. I left Germany to be stationed in Sunnyvale California, and left the Air
Force in 1967 for a career in Electronics. I retired in 1998 form Micrel Semiconductor and live
now in Gilfoy, California. Best wishes to all Arnold (Arnie) Angel

Name: Marvin Webb

Date:  Saturday June 29, 2002 04:08:27 GMT


Stationed in Hof from Jan 1960 to Feb 1963. Most of time with "Baker Flight", 6915th. German
linguist(at least that is what I was paid for doing). Some of the best times of my life were spent
there even if I did not realize it at the time. Jake's and Mom's Place were my home most of my
free time. Like to hear from some of the old friends from that time. It was a very interesting and
sometimes scary time. .

Name: John Griggs

Date:  Saturday June 29, 2002 05:17:49 GMT


Stationed in Hof Apr. 67 - Jan. 70, Charlie Flight, 6915th Czech linguist. Loved the town, the
German people, the scenery and made friends I still cherish. My son was born in the Hof
Krankenhaus.Reading some of the memories and seeing some of the pictures of the Hof area is
great. What an excellent web site! Won't be able to make it to the Hof reunion this year, but plan
on it in 2003. Ahh, the fests and the Hof night life at Jake's, the Ranch Bar, Die Traube..........I
remember some of it!

Name: Greg Gilmartin

Date:  Monday July 01, 2002 20:55:22 GMT


203 on Able flight "red" hats, 6915th from Fall of 68 to October, 70, with a three moth side trip to
Sinop, Turkey. Arrived just four days before Soviets invaded Czechs. Great memories. Loved my
job, hated the military, but hey, who didn't? 30 odd years later, I remember on the good. Hey,
Tom. You out there?

Name: James M. Hollier

Date:  Sunday July 07, 2002 03:53:52 GMT


Stataioned at Hof from Aug 1969 to Sept 1970. Assigned 6915th SSq. Baker Flight.

Name: James Pellam

Date:  Tuesday July 09, 2002 02:42:40 GMT


Assigned 6915th Oct 62 thru Oct 64 on B-Flight 294X0 career field, went 2-T to Wakkanni Japan

Name: tom mies

Date:  Wednesday July 10, 2002 02:25:41 GMT


I got off the bus in Hof about midnight on june 23, 1962 and it was snowing! Damn! I should have
stayed in minnesota where at least it was somewhat warm at that time of the year. I was a 29450
on the "c" shift until nov. '63 when several of us got transferred to Turkey as part of the 2T
program; was there until discharge in April '65. Roommates that i can recall were Moyers, Inge,
Milburn. jeez, i remember now that we had no blankets the first couple of nights, just some old
drapes off of the windows and the room temperature was close to (and maybe even below)

Name: Don Bodiker

Date:  Friday July 12, 2002 02:55:28 GMT


Hi All, dont know if I've sighed this before or not. anyways, was in Hof from Jan 63-Apr 65 and
Apr 66 to Apr 69. Sure had a great time playing piano and organ at alot of parties. Was a 294
working at old site then at new site. Glad to see so many of us still kicking. Bod


Date:  Saturday July 13, 2002 03:18:40 GMT



Name: Russell (Russ) Lancaster

Date:  Tuesday July 23, 2002 02:15:42 GMT


Served in Hof 1960-1963 6915th RSM. Was a constant visitor of Jake Fishlerwitz and the Erika
Bar. Hof was probably the best city I ever lived in. Married Helga Steiner of Hof in 1963 and we
now live in Jacksonville FL. I retired as a manager with the CSX Railroad January 31, 2002 and
am enjoying retirement immensely. My best friend in Hof was Frank Soltes, also of the 6915th

Name: Robert L Morgan (MSgt USAF Ret)

Date:  Thursday July 25, 2002 02:19:18 GMT


Stationed at Hof Aug 1967 to Aug 1970
6915th Security Group
NCOIC Personnel Affairs

Name: Al Munden

Date:  Saturday July 27, 2002 13:43:00 GMT


I was at Hof from 60 to 63 and had a ball. Roomed with Russ Lancaster and Frank Soltes and
Danny Oaty, all good guys. Left the AF and retired from Bell Atlantic. I will not be able to make
Sept reunion but maybe the later one.

Name: Ken Jones

Date:  Saturday July 27, 2002 14:21:24 GMT


I'm a USAF brat, my Dad was stationed at Doebraberg, 606th AC&W Sqdn. We were there July
66 to July 69. He was crew chief of Alpha crew- Operations. We lived in Schwarzenbach, lots of
good memories, several good friendships, Dad worked with Frank Shinn, Lou Hayes, Lionel
Ratcliff, Major Weston, I have been back to Hof and Schwarzenbach twice since 1969, lots of
changes. Great website, fun to read all the info on these pages. Thanks to all you guys for your
service to our country.

Name: William H. Montieth

Date:  Saturday August 03, 2002 20:45:26 GMT


Stationed in Hof '58-'62, also '67-'70. By that time our two kids had spent half their lives there.
6915 Security Sq both times. Still married to the same old lady (over 50 years now) Felt young
until our son retired from the Air Force after 20 years served. Presently do volunteer work at the
USAF's largest hospital, Wilford Hall Medical Center, in San Antonio, TEXAS. This reunion
would be hard to make, but Las Vegas sounds possible.

This message made possible by computer literate wife, Janice. HOpe somebody we know
besides Bob Morgan finds us! Ret.CMS William (Monty) Montieth

Name: Mary Ann Fabich

Date:  Wednesday August 07, 2002 13:59:47 GMT


I was the Commissary Secretary from 70-73. If you had chldren at Hof during that time, specially
teens, they might remember our seven kids. We are living in NW Florida Panhandle now, right on
the Gulf of Mexico. The kids and their families are all over the map. Would love to hear from
anyone who knew us, I cherish the memories of Hof, really enjoyed it there.

Name: Walter Shifflett

Date:  Wednesday August 07, 2002 20:15:44 GMT


I served at Hof from 67-70 and worked at the 6915th in electronic maintenance. We enjoyed our
tour in Hof and other than boarding school for teenagers loved it all. have wanted to return for a
long time. Unable to make the reunion this year (so sorry) but will try for '03 meeing.

Name: Lonnie Henderson

Date:  Thursday August 08, 2002 01:52:14 GMT


Russian linguist on Dog flight 1961-1964, back to the states for Intermediate Russian, then back
to Hof 1965-1968, this time on Baker flight. Started at the old site, then moved to the new site.
Went back in 1971, just before closure. Being Comanche Indian, most folks knew me as Chief,
including Jake and Erika.

Name: Lonnie Henderson

Date:  Thursday August 08, 2002 01:54:54 GMT


Oops! Forgot to say I was with the 6915RSM/SS/SG.

Name: Ron Coey, MSgt USAF, Ret

Date:  Friday August 09, 2002 02:06:47 GMT


I was stationed at Doebraberg, 606th AC&W Sqdn from May 67 to March 72.

Name: Bob walters

Date:  Sunday August 11, 2002 16:49:36 GMT


I am one of the civilians that was in hof from 1961 1964 that was there from day one of the start
up. didnt get to know many by name but im sure we tossed a few cold ones. I did get to know
Skip Kepler and was at his wedding. Lost track of Skip, but i know he was from Pittsburg.