Name :   Susan L. Holloway
Referred By :   Email from Chuck
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Name :   Robert Werts
Referred By :   Gary Kitchen
Comment :   Id like to contact some of my old buddies from 1960-2963 Flt D
Name :   Marvin Webb
Referred By :   self
Comment :   Thanks for all who make this site possible. I was a German linguist on Baker Flight from 1960-1963. I see a lot of names here from that enjoyable time. Great to hear from the good friends of that era.
Name :   Stan Bauernfeind
Referred By :   C A Rulssell
Comment :   I was in Hof from 1966 to 1970 and assigned to the 6915th
Name :   Keith Martin
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Comment :   Served in the 602nd AC&W from 1962 til 1963
Name :   Paul Morgan
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Comment :   Keep up the outstanding work
Name :   Greg Krcma
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Name :   Dan Engelken
Referred By :   HOF Email
Comment :   Good Work
Name :   Jerry Decker
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Comment :   Nice I really like the new page Thanks for all the work you put into this site. I look at it often
Name :   Tom Hennessey
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Comment :   web site looks great. looking forward to finding some new names 6915th 69-71
Name :   Cl;ayton & Gloria Brown
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Name :   kenneth l. putman
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Name :   Lois Schwoch
Referred By :   Chuck
Comment :   Have really enjoyied this association site.
Name :   Jim McDaniel
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Comment :   New site looks great. Keep up the good work. 6915 Scty Sq. 1962-64 and 1970.
Name :   bienko, john w.
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Comment :   great site - keep it up Cheers, 6915RGM 61-64
Name :   Bill Robinson
Referred By :   Bill Quednow
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Name :   Bruce Cook
Referred By :   Richard Basner
Comment :   The New Web site looks great