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The Weekly Updates below were first
published in July, 2001 by Chuck Wilson and
at first were sent out on a daily basis.
Eventually they were issued on a weekly
schedule until September 2015.
They are now issued on a monthly basis and
current updates will be available only
to all current members.
Updates 51-56 and 58-63 are missing from our files, as well as 65, 69-77, 79-101 and 121-122
as well as others later in the series.
They will be added if and when found or forwarded to the webmeister.
Note please that many of the links and email addresses in these weekly updates
are no longer valid. Current members can check their rosters for current email addresses.

In the links below, scripts in blue are linkable
The Biyearly Hof Connection Newsletters in
this collection were gathered together by our
Newsletter Editor who has been producing
them since January 2003.
Weekly Updates #301-325
Weekly Updates #325-350
Weekly updates #539-705 are available