Kingsley Kaserne circa 1967

The Visible Iron Curtain!

The photo below was taken on Bernauerstrasse in the French Sector of
Berlin, in  1967, from an observation post built by the French, looking into the
East Zone before the Wall was "hardened".

It was a truly ugly place.

Photo by Jerry Mangas, Webmeister.  
The upper floors of the building fronts have been removed. The top of the remaining walls were covered with broken
glass to deter climbing. Two Grepos with AK's are visible walking away and there was a dog run out of sight to the
left. The area to the right of the "wall" out to the curb was actually East Zone territory but the West Berliners placed
memorials wrapped in barbed wire all along the street side of the Wall to remember the many victims of Communist
terror who were killed there on that street.  

This section of Berlin was also a prime escape tunnel area since the sub-soil of this part of Berlin
was perfect for tunneling.

As an aside, Bernauerstrasse was featured as an escape route from East Berlin
in Ken Follet's novel "Edge of Eternity", the third book in his "Century" triology.